Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I'm still without internet but then, I knew I would be until 1 until 5, whenever the Mediacon representative decided he wants to show up today. I can't believe in this day of age that they still can't narrow down the time anymore than that forcing me to take a half day off from work just to await their arrival. It is not the missed time I am worried about but the fact that if I have to stay home a half day, two days after we were moved, that means I will spend a half day of hard labor unpacking boxes. That is a sentence I would wish upon no man.

We moved from the only town in the world, I think, that was completely wired for fiber optics. That meant that we had options to the traditional Mediacon route of getting hooked up for television, phone and internet. Not only was our local fiberoptic provider cheaper, but the service worked almost flawlessly the entire time I had it and if I had a question, it was answered by a telephone operator located... *gasp* on the north side of town. It was awesome.

Unfortunately their service doesn't extend to our new house in the new town which means we are back to one choice and it isn't much of one. My biggest complaint was that with Mediacon, I can't get basic television anymore. If I do, it costs me more than their packaged deals. Their internet is published at 15 Mbps but from past experience will be more like 2 or 3 Mbps which is slow compared to... and I'm going to seem spoiled when I say this... 100 Mbps that I was used to with fiberoptic lines. The phone seems like the same as what we had before but based on past experiences, it will go out frequently with the cable, will be out for a week at a time until they can schedule a representative to come for a visit and only if I block out four hours of my life in the morning or afternoon to await their call.

A new ploy since I gave up on Mediacon many years ago due to their poor service is to automatically add in all these services you don't want into your 'bundle'. They gradually faze them out over the next two years and add them into your bill if you don't remember to call them and cancel them first. I tried but you can't cancel them out of the gate because then you lose the bundle status and it costs you way more. That company can best be described as a legal con which is why I always call them Mediacon.

But out here, I don't have any other monetarily appealing choices and so this afternoon between one and five, I will be at home slaving away at unpacking boxes until my Mediacon representative graces me with their presence.


Ron said...

I dream of the day when we get some inexpensive reliable Internet options out here in the sticks...

Vince said...

How the hell can these &*&^%$£*&^%$ charge as they do for a service that at very best they are sending half.
Do you get into a taxi and have him halt half way. Or-or-oror, the taxi to stop ...... and then continue after a rest.

Anyhows, best of luck with then. But don't hold your breath. You might well have to await them another day.

PhilippinesPhil said...

From heaven to hell... Sounds like I will have better service out here in third world country land than you will. Its hard for me to complain too much anyway considering how low the costs are here, at least compared to the inflated prices you have to pay in lawyer land.

sage said...

It is the same where ever you are, the waiting and such a large time window and they still might come just before 1 or after 5... good luck!

Bone said...

Made me think of the Seinfeld where Kramer is getting free HBO, and he turns the tables on the cable guy and pretends he isn't home when the cable guy comes by.

We only have one choice for cable and they seem to get progressively worse by the month.