Monday, July 16, 2012

Beer Architecture

When hosting people at our house, my wife and I have a standardized array of sights that we take our guests to give them the flavor or SE Iowa, the entire state of Iowa and the Midwest region. The latter one usually involves a trip to one of the major metropolitan areas in states surrounding ours. So with two Londoners and a native from the Philippines in tow, we set off for the big city of St. Louis Missouri a little over a week ago.

The first obvious thing was that we picked the wrong time temperature wise to go. It was hot and in fact set a record of 107° F on the Saturday we arrived. This also must have been our first trip there during the summer because everyplace we went, with the exception of the last thing was packed. Our first stop at the Gateway Arch was thwarted by some sort of musical festival going on. A band was playing songs to hundreds if not a thousand or more empty seats. Most of the people not in the shade well away from the band were standing in a massive line to go into the underground museum... that was air conditioned. We declined and moved onto our second stop which was Pappy's Smokehouse. I have been there twice before and it is basically this tiny place with a half dozen picnic tables inside for sitting and it has been largely deserted despite the outstanding barbecue they serve. On this day when we stopped, there were perhaps a hundred people waiting in line outside just to get inside. So after a quick stop at a small, thankfully well air conditioned and largely empty pub up the hill a ways, we headed to our third stop of the day, the brewery.

It too was packed and we had to get a ticket and wait an hour and a half to get on a tour that left every ten minutes. On all my previous visits, there were few enough people you simply got on the next tour that left every half hour. However since we had struck out twice already, we stayed the course and bided our time until our tour. This was probably my 4th or 5th time I had taken the tour over the years and it still is the same one I remember taking way back in my early days of college when I couldn't even legally drink yet. Perhaps it is because I have taken the tour so many times that the process no longer impresses me but I find myself focusing on the architecture of the 100 acre sight. Everywhere I look there seemed to be something noteworthy to photograph but due to the bright sun, not everything could be photographed right then. But I did end up with quite a few architectural type photos that I thought I would share.

Chandelier in Clydesdale stables

An unknown to me building. I liked the way the date stood out on top.

Large stone building with narrow windows

Just loved the brickwork that was everywhere.

Chandelier in the building where they boil the wort
Adolphus Busch was big on bricks and eagles because they are everywhere.

Foxes are common too. If I remember right this one is named Bevo and was the mascot of prohibition beer... now thankfully defunct.

Wall sconces

More Bevo


Vince said...

I thought it was Milwaukee. Who's there then. Or is it Minneapolis.

The bits of whimsy look good. Mind you if the whole town was done the same one would become very sick of them.
Of that style of embellishment I've found the ones on the skyscrapers of NYC to be more figureheads on warships than what you've shown on the is brewery.

Ed said...

Vince - Milwaukee would be home of their competitor Miller. If given the choice, I'm more of a Miller man myself.

warren said...

Me too on the Miller but the architecture you show is cool!

Sage said...

I've been to St. Louis many times but have never been to the brewery. I should do that. Nice photos. And has been hot in the midwest this year!

PhilippinesPhil said...

Crowds at every tourist type place imaginable. Sounds like a business opportunity. A demand needing filling. If some one were to visit me here, and actually one did a few years back, my previous wife's French brother-in-law, about the only stuff around here to show off are the bars. I managed to show him 20 or 30, with, of course, the obligatory girls on lap schtick. Gotta do what ya gotta.

edifice rex said...

Wow! great architectural details! I just love stuff like that too and often catch myself looking more at a building than what it contains. Wasn't it Mies Van Der Rohe that said, "God is in the details". or something like that. lol!

Amy said...

I have never made it to the Budweiser brewery, as a Missourian I should probably be ashamed! However I have made it to the Boulevard brewery in KC, and it is a pretty fun tour-though much small and less architecturally interesting. I love that the Clydesdales get such a gorgeous chandelier and even stained glass.

Amy said...

*smallER, I don't know where the "er" ran off to.

Ed said...

Amy - Thanks for stopping by and commenting but judging from your comment on one of my ancient posts, you are on the wrong blog. I'm not Pablo. I do know a Pablo over at Roundrock Journal, not to far off from this blog Riverbend Journal. But you are more than welcome to stay here in the future.