Friday, May 11, 2012

Twin Falls

Twin Falls on Richland and Devil's Fork Creeks, Arkansas
 So as to not burn you out on reading about our search for a home, I diverting to a different more pleasant subject for a post or two. Waterfalls. I've always had a thing for waterfalls as I suspect most people do. What is there not to like about a waterfall? Over the years, especially in the decade after I left home and before I got married, I actively sought them out and photographed them. It was my version of the scavenger hunt.

This was probably one of the last waterfalls that I sought out and photographed. It is Twin falls which are located in the NW corner of Arkansas in the Richland Creek area. In fact, the falls are where Richland Creek conjoins with Devil's Fork Creek in a spectacular fashion. It is a long drive, followed by a none to easy hike to bushwack up the creeks to reach this point, especially in early and very buggy summer when I did it but it was well worth it even if the water was barely trickling over the falls.

What got me thinking about this and digging through a box of photos last night to find these two photographs was a website called Shutterfly. A coworker of mine at work uses that site to create photo albums of pictures in book format and says it is just the greatest thing. My wife has always made scrapbook photo albums off and on over the years but they take a lot of work and it takes time to sift through all the photos, get them reprinted and put into a book. I thought this might be an easier solution to the problem. So I thought I would make a Shutterfly book on a subset of photographs and see how it turns out. After some thought, I chose a book on waterfalls that I have photographed since I probably only have visited a couple dozen really good ones.

I culled through my digitized archives and pulled out all the waterfall related photos and sorted through them. But as I added them to the digital book, I realized that there were a few waterfalls that I have visited that I didn't have pictures for. So I went digging through boxes to see if I have undigitized images of them and came up with these two. The other two waterfalls, I have either lost the photos or never photographed them to begin with. So as I go through prepping the photos for the Shutterfly album, you might see a few posts with them in it. And if you are new to Shutterfly like I am, I will let you know how it turns out.

Twin Falls on Richland and Devil's Fork Creeks, Arkansas


kymber said...

the falls are beautiful, Ed, and i think you are right - most everyone must love waterfalls but me especially. we have quite a few smaller ones around here that no one knows about, or if they do, the don't visit very often which is fine with me - teehee. i read on another blog that someone was doing "something" with shutterfly - i haven't bothered to look it up but now i will. let us know how your experience with it goes.

your friend,

sage said...

I agree, I don't think there is anyone who doesn't enjoy a waterfall and if there is, I don't want to meet them! I have seen some good "Shutterfly" books that people have done and have thought about using it for my summer trip

R. Sherman said...

Richland Creek is one of my favorite spots on the planet. A person could spend a lifetime hiking those hills and never be bored.


Bone said...

Gorgeous falls. I'm itching just imagining hiking there in the Arkansas summer.

I don't do a very good job of uploading my photos -- whether it be to a CD, website, or whatever. I kinda miss the old way sometimes.

Vince said...

Looks a good spot to hike into. You have such choice to get away for the populated places.
All the same, these days it's irresponsible to head off with out a fully charged mobile phone just in case.

edifice rex said...

Beautiful falls! I'm very interested in hearing how you like Shutterfly too. I desperately need to make scrapbooks or something of my travels and that might be the ticket!

PhilippinesPhil said...

I was stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base from 86 to 98 and several times did some mountain bike riding up in that area of Arkansas. The NW corner of the state is particularly appealing, wild and craggy.

ErinFromIowa said...

Shutterfly is the bomb diggity. I have made two 8x10 books in the past of my grandson. The first one has photos of him and all the people who love him. The second contains a mixture of pictures of him doing cool stuff and photos I found online of inanimate things that look like faces. Easy to make and people seem to enjoy looking at them. If you join up with Shutterfly and wait a bit they will send you coupons for free books, posters, calendars and the last one I received was $20 off a purchase. You know how we all love a deal!

warren said...

Shouldn't there be someone taking a shower under those falls or something? Seems like a movie!

Woody said...