Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nag Nag Nag... Procrastinate Procrastinate Procrastinate

I have walked by that place a million times, perhaps more and always I kept my eye averted towards my feet. I knew what was there and it always nagged me every time I walked by and still I would always make it by to procrastinate another day.

Then we started showing our house and the nagging got louder and still I had yet to follow through. It wasn't hurting anything. It was a blemish but not one that you noticed. But still once you did see it, it was more like a giant pimple on the face of your friend across the table. You can't help but look at it.

It finally took people making an offer on my house contingent to getting that blemish fixed and now it is done. On the back side of the house where no one goes or can see but our family if we happen to be on the deck, is a little junction where the great room addition joined the house creating a little gabled end that formed a sliver of a triangle. The problem was that the builders put wood siding there but left the unpainted ends setting in the channel of the metal roof below where all the water runs. When we bought the place the boards were all rotted and needed replaced. Knowing that wood would just rot again, I used a leftover piece of roofing steel that the previous owners were so kind to leave me when they moved and fitted it in place. I got the project 99% done but never capped the end of it because it required me to go purchase a 12 foot stick of steel to cover about 14 inches of exposed... air? Really it just left a gap but it was deep under an overhang so no water would ever enter it unless it came straight sideways in from the direction blocked by a gigantic silver maple tree. Even if for some fluke reason water got in the gap, it ran down the flashing and exited under the rotten ends of the siding. So I procrastinated and averted my eyes toward my feet for the next eight years.

So on this past Memorial Day weekend, I had a house selling party by going out and buying a 12 foot stick of corner trim, having the guy cut me off a couple feet that I needed and after giving him back the other 10 feet to be recycled, paid for the entire 12 feet. I could have kept it but I don't need it where I'm moving, I'm moving and that is hard on scrap pieces of steel that you are saving for some unknown future reason, and I really couldn't think of someone close enough who might want the piece to make it worth driving too. Fortunately it was only about $26 at the local place and probably $15 at the big box store where I'm moving too so paying $26 wasn't a horrible hardship considering I had put this day off for eight years.

So after dragging out a handful of tools, making a second trip to town to buy a pair of tin snips since I couldn't find mine, making a dozen trips up the ladder to measure, fit and fasten, the blemish is gone. No longer is there a gap looking at me like a giant pimple on the nose of the person sitting across the table. Perhaps this is good practice to get me back into house fixing shape which I will need in plenty eight weeks from now. Now if I could find the motivation to caulk the crack in that ledger board in the basement...


Vince said...

Tiles cause something similar. Do you take the floor or the ceiling as the datum. Or do you get the meter level and draw a line knowing for certain you'll end up with two days standing over the tile cutter while you tailor to each and every tile top and bottom. I have one ceiling that's much like a Pringle only not as predictable.

Ed said...

Vince - Every tile job I have done I have gone with wide grout lines to allow for maximum adjustment to minimize tile cutting. Despite this, I have spent more time cutting tiles to fit than I care too.

sage said...

I would have taken the whole 12 foot piece because I would have probably cut it wrong and needed to re-do it.

Bone said...

Good analogy. Once you notice something, you can't not notice it. It's so true.

You should've done a before and after pic.

Ed said...

Sage - I took enough material to have a second attempt should my first one not work out.

Bone - I was too embarrassed of my procrastination to take a photo of that pimple on my house.