Monday, February 20, 2012

Captcha Impossible!

I received a couple comments on the new captcha phrases to prove that you are human being almost impossible to read and I just wanted to let everyone know that this is a change by Blogger and not something I can alter. Blogger has changed the captcha pictures to render them so hard to read that it takes me and at least a couple of my readers a half dozen times to find one easy enough to read that we can attempt to guess what it says. I have been seeing the same thing when I've been trying to comment on other blogger blogs so I know what everyone is feeling. The forums are filling up with people feeling the same way.

So until Blogger realizes what they have done, I have only two choices. Leave it like it is now and just encourage those who want to comment to keep trying or use the audio captcha or I can enable comment moderation and turn the captcha feature off but it means that you will only see your comment once a day when I check into my blog. Let me know if those who frequently comment have a preference?


Carol said...

I am so disturbed by this, dang it Blogger leave stuff alone. And, I agree this new captcha is awful, I may be changing things ONE MORE TIME over at my Reflections blogs. GRRRRRRRRRRR

Vince said...

Put the comment box at the bottom of the page. And if you get any dirt collecting simply delete it.

I have this feeling that any haunts/shadows/scum that are floating about comes from penetrated mail folders when you access some free service like twitter whilst your mail system is open. If you notice the bank site will shut very quickly if you allow it to hang for any length of time. Yeah, you have issues like Randall, but in general these days they have gone for the most part.

Ed said...

Carol - I think I might be changing too after digging through my settings.

Vince - Perhaps this is related but the last couple months, I still get a few posts a week from spammers despite the captcha code. That is maybe why they are making it harder. The main reason I haven't opened the floodgates and just deleted the spam was because the spam was always on ancient posts and it required digging to find the posts to delete the comments. Saying that, I noticed this morning when I was digging through settings that you can turn on comment moderation for posts X days old. So I think I am going to set X equal to a week and just turn off the captcha altogether.

Vince said...

Or switch off all comment beyond 30 days. But I do think the problem with unconnected spam derives from your own or others mail folders being hacked.

A while ago I was hit with stuff that used the UofTexas servers to scatter shite to all and sundry. But I read these days the very worst are the social media FB, twitter and the like. You do need to tell the "sender" for they won't know that they have been compromised. Remember the security won't pick-up that sort of attack. But mostly the spam folder will.

Oh, you might dump all 'stuff', for blogger is a curse at dumping cookies in the browser folders. Not forgetting the download folder which may well have older versions of the browsers nesting on the system.

R. Sherman said...

I agree. The new "Captcha" sucks in spades.


R Johnson said...

I am gradually becoming less and less proficient at using my computers to do anything at all. I think that's one reason I have trouble with posting anything at all. If I want pictures, I screw them up, I can't control spacing very well, but I haven't quit completely, I really have a bunch of things I want to write about if I can wrap what's left of my mind about them. I don't have any control o blogger's processes at all. (Mostly I post with Windows Live Writer)

Bone said...

It is annoying. I probably need to consider adjusting my settings.

For now, I just make a game of it. So far, I correctly guess the word verification 62.5% of the time on the first or second try. Not too shabby.

And if it takes more than two attempts, I start talking to the computer.