Thursday, February 23, 2012

Captcha Impossible Revisited

After my earlier post on Monday telling those who have commented that I sympathized with their having difficulty reading the captcha code but there wasn't anything I could do without getting a lot of spam. Shortly there after when I was going through the blogger settings, I noticed there were more of them than the last time I had been in there. So after tweeking things here and there, I settled for turning off the captcha code requirement altogether and instead making all posts older than 5 days (a setting you can tailor to your liking) comment moderated, meaning I have to approve them before they appear. It used to be an all or none proposition. This new adjustable setting prevented me from having to go back through ancient posts to remove spam and I thought it would be easy to remove spam on new posts. Besides, I rarely get but the occasional post on posts older than 5 days.

Since that time, I have learned something else that I didn't know. Blogger has a spam filter of its own that does a remarkably good job of removing spam. Of the forty or so spam posts I've gotten so far this week, it caught them all. Even when I had the captcha code in place, I was still having to remove the occasional spam on old posts that slipped through and always required me hunting for them. I'm beginning to think that the captcha method is the harder way to go. The caveat to all this is that you probably should visit the spam tab to make sure one of the good comments didn't get eaten but so far, that hasn't happened yet.


warren said...

I was getting dozens of spams through my blog that weren't caught my my spam checker. It caught hundreds per day so I couldn't complain much but the few dozen that got by were enough to make me add a captcha. A few still get by but it is nothing like it was...totally worth it to me even if not to any commenters

Ed said...

Warren - With time I may change my mind because if I have to delete more than one a day, it is back with the captcha!

sage said...

It was a year or so ago that they allowed that feature of comment moderation--I have had mine set for 7 days and it seems to work well--I might get one or two ligament posts a week wanting and it's easy to post them pronto. And like you, i assume that if it is easy enough to keep check on the two or three post that doesn't have the moderation turned on.

Vince said...

I did this;

Account Security:
Settings -> Accounts and Import -> Google Account Settings -> Change Password [pick a new secure password]
Settings -> Accounts and Import -> Google Account Settings -> Change Password Recovery Options [verify secret question, SMS and secondary e-mail address]

Potential Spam:
Settings -> General -> Signature [make sure nothing as been added]
Settings -> General -> Vacation Responder [make sure it's disabled and empty]

E-mail Theft
Settings -> Accounts and Import -> Send Mail As [make sure it is using your correct e-mail address]
Settings -> Filters [no filters that forward or delete e-mail]
Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP -> Forwarding [disabled or correct address]
Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP -> POP Download [disabled]
Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP -> IMAP Access [disabled]

But you need to keep doing it, it seems. Oh and get rid of all cookies at least once a week. None of this will halt the dirt. And as the blogs are open and with one a/c PW for both it's jus too easy. The only real way is to just have one a/c for the blog. But even this won't quell them for long as the shite that piggy-backs in from what could be pure sites. And anyway google won't allow lots of stuff to keep you safe.
Oh and don't have the passwords sitting in a folder on the browzer. I forget that one, an amateur error on my part.