Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Miscellaneous Ramblings

The last polls that I read say that only 43% of Americans agree with the Occupy Wall Street movement and yet they claim to be the 99%. Shouldn't they change their name to the 43%?

I heard a lady of 27 being interviewed in New York. She was up to eyeballs in debt for a degree in History and couldn't find a job. Go figure.

Although I consider myself a political Constitutionalist/Independent, the last election cycle I changed my voter registration from Independent to Republican so I could take part in the first in the nation caucus. With this crop of candidates so far, I'm thinking about switching back just so I don't feel obligated to participate this time around.

I heard a political ad on my way to work yesterday morning telling me that I should vote for someone who is a political outsider if I really wanted to fix Washington. I couldn't think of who that might be until the fast voice at the end told me it was paid for by Rick Perry. Really? He is a governor of a state, a large one at that, and that makes him a political outsider? A large portion of our presidents have been governors. Besides, our current president was about as much as a political outsider as Perry is and look where he has gotten us. But at the end of the day, Perry could probably be the best candidate who meets my every desire in a President and I'm not sure I could vote for him. The last governor from the state of Texas left my hide feeling more than a little chapped and I'm not sure I want to take a chance on another one anytime soon.

People are already camped out at Walmarts and other big boxed stores to be first in line on Thursday. Why? I just can't imagine it being worth it to camp outside for two or three days to rush into the store and be the first person to buy some cheap crap made in China all to save what.... a few bucks? My Christmas shopping is all done because I did it early and did it online so that I could try and find the gems among so much Chinese junk being sold as consumer goods these days. I'm sure I paid more than those people sitting in the rain right now will pay on Thursday for the three doorbusters that they actually have in stock but at least I will have time to spend with my family on Thanksgiving.quality.

The Supper Committee failed? Did anyone think they would succeed? I sure didn't. I'm actually glad because their will be mandatory cuts now regardless of political affiliation. The only problem is that there are already attempts to undo the legislation mandating these cuts. I hope that fails as big as the Super Committee did.

I'm smoking a turkey tonight for the feast tomorrow. For some reason smoked turkey, or any meat for that matter, tastes much better the second day than the first. I'm also smoking a whole pork loin and a chicken or two while I am going through the effort in the dark of tonight. I look forward to cold smoked meat sandwiches for the next few months. Lunch just doesn't get any better than that. Fortunately my wife will be home and I'm spending it down on the farm with my parents. I'm thankful for that.

I hope everyone out there has a great day tomorrow and spends it with families where they should and not sitting on pavement waiting to be the first in line to buy crap sent to you by those Chinese who care so much about you.


R. Sherman said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. BTW, camping out at stores for Black Friday lost what minimal allure it had, the moment I realized I could buy stuff at Amazon and have it shipped to my house.


Ed said...

R. Sherman - If they had such a thing, I would have platinum elite status by now at Amazon.

Anonymous said...

What % voted in the last or any election. You don't seem to overmind that. :-)

Jeff said...

Sounds like there's going to be good eating at your house today. Have a great Thanksgiving

kymber said...

just wanted to send you and yours some Happy Thanksgiving Day wishes!

your friends,
kymber and jamie

Ed said...

Vince - I don't mind a low election turnout because I think our government should be ruled by those who care enough to vote. But I do mind being lumped into a group, in this case the 99%, when I don't agree with a lot of what they are saying. I just wanted to point out that they don't speak for the majority they pretend to be.

Murf said...

I saved $80 on JCPenney's website yesterday AND got free 'ship to store' (which is right across the street from where I work) since a lot of stores websites were having much the same deals as their actual stores were. I am partaking in Small Business Saturday though. I have a few ideas on places to hit and plan on visiting some of the local shops around town as well.