Wednesday, October 26, 2011

They Look Like Skittles

Obviously from the picture you know that these aren't skittles but that is what my daughter said and since I found that funny, I thought you might too. What you are looking at is a Ziplock bag full of Chinese hot peppers that were the fruits of my parents labor back on the farm. They were given two plants by a friend, planted them and they did very well this year. The only problem was that my parents aren't people who like spicy food and so I inherited them.

I liberated them from their earthy toil one Sunday afternoon and brought the bushes, peppers and all up to my house so that I could leisurely pick the peppers off in the evening at my convenience. I did just that about six o'clock one evening and immediately afterwards, gave my hands a good scrubbing to remove any oils from the peppers. By about nine o'clock when my fingers felt like I was holding a burning match head, I knew I had been unsuccessful. By the next morning, my fingers felt fine though whenever I touched something, I could only do so for a few seconds before the pain would return. It took a full two days before I was able to hold a pen in my fingers properly without pain.

I'm not sure how many Scoville heat units those peppers contain but I'm guessing if I could convert them into BTU's, I could heat my house for this entire coming winter. But for now, they are in that plastic bag safely tucked away in my freezer to be doled out in very tiny amounts in food that only I will be partaking in.


R. Sherman said...

You need to just take the plunge and pop one in your mouth. You'll never know, otherwise.


Ed said...

R. Sherman - I want to live another day!

kymber said...

oh you poor darlin! i wish i had of known about this ahead of time - i would have told you to soak your fingers in lemon juice. or better yet - told you to wear GLOVES - bahahahah! anyway - another thing that you can do with gorgeous babies is dehydrate them and then crush them into powder. then you can add just a tiny amount of powder to whatever you are making and they will add a ton of zing!

sure do wish we had some of those beauties here! and hey - next time - ask me first!

your friend,

Murf said...

My Ukrainian innerds gurgled in a bad way just from looking at that bag. ;-)