Monday, October 10, 2011

Dispatch From the Real Estate War Front

Going into the process of selling my home, I knew several things. I knew that it was a buyers market out there because there is a large surplus of homes for sale and only a few buyers approved for the loan it takes to get one. I also knew that selling your house privately would be a lot more difficult that selling one via a Realtor because they can get lot more exposure. I also knew that it would be inconvenient for me having to stop what I'm doing, race home, make sure things are in order and smile while people invade my sanctuary. Well I'm here to report that my knowledge was spot on.

What I didn't foresee was the huge roller coaster ride I was in for. The very morning my add hit the local papers, I started receiving calls. Couple 1 showed up that afternoon to look at our house and walked though it talking about where all their furniture and trappings of life would go. They also said that they wanted to buy a house first before selling theirs so that they had plenty of time to get moved. Both made me happy and I was sure I would hear back from them. Couple 2 looked at it the next day and seemed to like it but made no commitments. Person 3 looked at it for Couple 5 who lived four hours away and couldn't make it down to look at it for a couple days. Person 3 told a story about how Couple 5 had made an offer on another house here in town only to be rejected because they wanted to make the purchase contingent on the sale of their house. They backed off, sold their house and went back only to have the seller decide they weren't interested in selling the house anymore. Desperate for a house since they would be without one in six weeks, they were hoping to give me my asking price if I was willing to move out in six weeks. I said I would do what it takes. Another plus seemed to be that the wife's mother lives two doors down from me and a brother and a sister both live within half a block. They said they would visit in two days and begged me to give them a call if I got an offer in the meantime. I was floating on cloud nine. Group 4 was a group of teachers from the nearby school being what I suspect was just nosy as they really didn't seriously have a look or ask any relevant questions. The day arrived when Couple 5 arrived and they seemed to like what they see. Then as we were wrapping up the tour, the wife of Couple 5 let me know that they were first going to try and meet with the owner of the first house they had tried to purchase and see if they could get things rolling and if not, perhaps give me a call. Man the air came out of my balloon in a hurry.

That was Friday and as of this morning, I haven't heard a word. My ads have run out and other than a few online sites that are still relatively obscure to the masses of home buyers, my ads are fading into obscurity. I feel as if I've been through the wringer after having spent a couple nights wondering if I could get out of this house and perhaps into another one in under six weeks to now wondering if I have it in me to continue showing my house to masses of people when I really don't have to move for another year. For now, I think I am just going to take a break and relax for a bit. Perhaps I will let a stray sock hang out in the middle of a bedroom floor for a day or two unmolested. If I don't feel like opening the bedroom drapes I won't and for Godsake, I can leave the toilet seat up while I'm away at work.


sage said...

Good luck and may it go quickly--it sounds like you have some good prospects, but these things do take time!

R. Sherman said...

Ditto Sage's remark. My guess is there will be more downs than ups, but one has to do what one must.


kymber said...

what we did to avoid having people tromping through the house day after day was to show the house only on designated open house days. that way we were able to live in it all week, give it good going over on saturday and then show the house for a designated number of hours on sunday. it worked out well for us and might work in your situation too. keep us updated on how things are going and good luck!

your friend,

Woody said...

We went through a wringer when we sold our 1861 built painted lady. A whole bunch of people with nothing better to do than have us keep the house clean and find someplace to hang out while the realtor showed our home. I know we had over 200 showings and three open houses in 6 months. One offer from a nutbag who wanted a "ghost assessment" and all our furniture, hand and power tools to "maintain the architectural integrity of the home"

Needless to say that offer was rejected.

Finally, after a cooling off period over the Christmas holidays we re-listed and sold in 13 days for our asking price.

Go figure!

Ed said...

Thanks everyone. I remember back before we had bought this place we looked at houses for six full months before giving up and only on that very day that we told the realtor we give up, did we find the house we wanted by chance. You just never know when the right person is going to walk through that door.

Murf said...

Since you are moving, I know I'm not interested and glad I didn't buy in your neighborhood. ;-)