Friday, September 2, 2011

...And Now the Ball Begins to Move

Well my wife is now back up in the Urban Jungle finishing out her remaining ten months of residency before our lives once again return to normal. Having the whole month of August to get a taste of what it would be like with her working near home again was certainly bittersweet. But I remember what I was feeling when lying in bed one evening we made the decision to do this and we were looking at three years ahead of a family separated. My mood is certainly a lot lighter now with only ten months ahead and 26 months of experience being a single dad behind me.

What also helps to lighten the burden a bit is the fact that my wife has made a decision on who she wants to work for.  Nothing is set in stone yet and when it become that way I will certainly write more about the details but for now, she meets in a few weeks to discuss a contract and after that it will need to be reviewed by a lawyer. Eventually I hope it will be inked and then I can get the ball rolling towards the next phase of our lives. It will most likely mean that we will be moving provided we can sell our house and find a new house that meets our specifications. Namely it has to have a nice kitchen (or one with potential that I can remodel) since we love to cook and it has to be priced right and in a location where we can flip it four or five years down the road or when opportunity comes to purchase some property where I can live out my dream of building my own house. The latter part can only occur when the right property comes along which is hasn't yet.

I have thought about renting for a few years which seems like a prudent thing to do but I just can't bring myself to do that again unless I am forced too. I just don't do well living in close proximity to others. I got a pretty good deal on the house where we live and despite a horrible housing market, I still think I can sell it for a nice profit (not as large as I was thinking a couple years ago) but provided I can find another house in the right location for the right price, I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

All this fills my thoughts and keeps me from spending time dwelling on the present where I am a single dad during the week and traveling to be a family on the weekends. Right now the ball has started moving but soon once a contract has been signed, I imagine it will start picking up speed and as we all know, being busy makes time go fast. I'm excited at the possibilities.


R. Sherman said...

The good news in the housing market is those people who didn't overspend/overborrow and have real equity in their real estate are in pretty good shape. We're looking to move closer to the big city (sigh) and our banker was doing cartwheels about lending us money. His words: "Wow. Somebody whose not upside down."

Good luck.


Ed said...

R. Sherman - I hear you. I was on plan to pay off our entire home loan, our only loan, by next year, 21 years early. But now I've decided to save cash to make transitioning between homes easier. Part of my success was that the banker was willing to loan me almost three times what I actually spent on a home. I just don't like living close to the financial edge.

Ed said...
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