Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pawlenty vs. The Lawn Nazi

I was cleaning out the photos in my camera and found two that I had every intention of posting sooner but never got around to it. The first is presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty who swung through town and whom a buddy of mine and I went to listen too. Of course most of what he said made me feel warm and fuzzy but I don't think many things would ever come true should he actually make it to the oval office. I live in a very liberal hot spot on the map of Iowa so it wasn't a surprise that there wasn't very many people there to hear him. I refrained from shaking his hand by sneaking out the back when the speech was done (mostly to get back to work since I was on an early lunch break) so my record of shaking hands with candidates who later become president is still at 100%.

This photo shows two things. First the Lawn Nazi who lives across the street is out for his morning cleaning routine where he picks up all the dog poop left behind by inconsiderate dog walkers using the sidewalk and cleaning the edge of the road next to the curb. All my uphill neighbors love to mow their lawn and spew the clippings out into the street where they wash down to the area of the curb along the Lawn Nazi's lawn. If he would just wait for another rain (something we haven't seen in a month and a half here at the time of the photo) it would just wash on down to the storm drain but he prefers to scoop it up at least once a week. The second thing this photo shows is my lawn which was also last mowed sometime in June and by the looks of it, probably won't need mowed again until next spring. Although I would like some rain, I am not going to complain about the condition of my lawn. It's too hot to go out on it and do anything anyway.


R. Sherman said...

I never water my lawn. Yes, it gets brown in August, but it always comes back, and I save gas money cutting the stuff.


Vince said...

I reckon there is an easy way to plumb the gray shower water to a reserve tank and water at will. Why on earth pay for it going in and going out. The only problem that I would envisage is that all the pipes are internal to a house in your climate because of winter bursts. Still, how hard can it be to insert a 'Y' junction with a gate. But I see no reason why you cannot have a miniature rain forest.
As to the fellow across the road. He may live with a street angle and a house devil for a mate, and so delighted to escape for the slightest reason.

Ed said...

R. Sherman - Me either. Besides the reasons you mention, it saves valuable, valuable time.

Vince - I could do all that but for the reasons R. Sherman mentions I don't. I don't get all that much enjoyment out of green grass that requires mowing every week. If I ever move to a place with room for a larger garden, then all that is most definitely an option.

Bone said...

Man, I wish I could get the lawn nazi to come down to our local park and scoop up the poop that inconsiderate dog walkers leave on the track.

Murf said...

Nice lawn nazi shot. I wish I took a photo of mine yesterday. He had climbed the last tree on his lot and was cutting off more limbs as a thunderstorm approached. I almost asked if he would mind holding a metal pole for me for a second.

Ed said...

Bone - Unfortunately he only has eyes for his lawns and those immediately surrounding him that in some way might affect his lawn.

Murf - Despite the leaf raking incident, we seem to have a pretty good relationship with each other. I mulched my leaves for my garden last year which I'm sure made him very happy.