Thursday, August 4, 2011

How was that?

This morning while listening to the news, they were covering the FAA 'crisis' that is evidently going on because Congress went on vacation. They interviewed a fellow who seemed to be sitting in an unemployment office bemoaning the fact that his two year old daughter is having a birthday and his wife asked him if they should cancel it because he has been laid off for LESS THAN A WEEK and may not receive another paycheck for FIVE MORE WEEKS. (Emphasis mine.) He ended the conversation by saying, "I hate that the government put me in this position."

EXCUSE ME!? He is blaming the government because he hasn't had enough foresight in the last twenty years (he looked to be near forty years old) to put away enough money that should something happen he can go more than FIVE DAYS before hitting dire financial straights? People like that make me physically ill, more so than Congress and that is saying a lot. He evidently has the intelligence somewhere between a rock and a McDonald's french fry and now SHOULD suffer the consequences. Perhaps he will learn something from them.


Ron said...

He's a symptom of the problem, from my perspective. The amount of debt in the developed world is going to ensure this thing is very painful and protracted.

Ed said...

Ron - Normally I wouldn't have a problem with people like him because they create their own misery but they also drag down those of us who save up cash on hand for days just like he is now experiencing.