Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Day In Omaha But Not at the Beach

Textured Wall in Sunlight
Due to my wife's schedule and my busy schedule, we haven't been able to get time off in the same stretch to go on a lengthy vacation this yet this year nor does it look like we will. So we have contented ourselves with taking a few mini-vacations throughout the year, one of which happened a midst all the worrying about the daycare situation. Since we had to spend a Saturday up in the urban jungle for a birthday party Little Abbey had been invited too and my wife had to see her regular clinic patients on Monday, we went to Saturday mass and hit the road on Sunday.  We drove across the state to Omaha.

Back when we were going through our immigration odyssey, we had spent time at the Henry Doorly Zoo in that city on a cold and windy February day and had thought it was an excellent zoo. Since we are members with the zoo in the urban jungle, one of our perks is a reduced rate to the Henry Doorly Zoo and so we thought Little Abbey would enjoy seeing a larger zoo. We were right.

We spent all morning and part of the afternoon walking around the zoo taking in the sights. I didn't take many pictures while there because I could never see the point. You end up with a picture of a animal obviously in captivity. Now if I had a picture of a lion out in the open, there would be a story to tell when showing the picture to someone but a picture of a lion laying on an artificial rock, surrounded by a moat, fence and a ring of people doesn't interest me much. That is why the only picture not of one of my family is of the side of their train station building which spoke to me as I waited for the train to start moving. That picture is at the top of this post.

After the zoo and famished, we hit a local place called Louie M's Burger Lust Cafe which as you can probably guess, it a place to order burgers. It had been recommended by a friend of ours and it didn't disappoint. I had the Avacado Bacon Cheddar burger seen below and it was very messy and tasty, just the way a good burger should be.

Avacado Bacon Cheddar Burger and Onion Rings
Next we drove to what appeared to be an abandoned industrial zone of Omaha except for one lone building in its midst that contained the Hot Shops. If you click the link, the picture on the front page is not the building we went too. Our building was the three story brick building seen in the small picture shown on the page in the location link. It was an old factory that had been converted into three levels of art gallery and dozens of rooms that artists used as studios. You could walk through the galleries, where most things appeared for sale and even through the studios. Most of the art was very reasonably priced and if I had a load of cash and wall space to put it, I would have gotten something.

Hot Shop Sculpture
Continuing on the cultural theme, we headed next to the Old Market area of Omaha and walked around a bit. We walked through a pottery shop, a couple antique stores, ate some really good ice cream and just enjoyed the beautiful day around us. We ended up going to a nearby park, found a patch of shaded grass with an excellent view of a large fountain in a small lake and watched the sun, ducks, and day pass us by. It was only with much effort that we finally walked back to our vehicle and made our way back to the urban jungle so that my wife could get up early for clinic patients the next day. It wasn't long but it sure was a relaxing mini-vacation.

Heartland of America Park


Vince said...

Is there a sked-ule and a shed-ule.

Bone said...

I would've gotten my burger without the green stuff. Those onion rings look gooooood though.

Ed said...

Vince - Well we say sked-ule here but we don't have anything on paper.

Bone - Guacamole on a burger goes as well as french fries!

R. Sherman said...

Sounds like fun. I've been through Omaha a time or two headed north to I-90 but I've never explored the town.

Speaking of wildlife, check out this post, by Anthea of my sidebar.


warren said...

Holy cow that burger looks good...that is, if I ate meat any more. Awesome!