Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Would the Evening News Say About This

I was searching a newspaper for news on one of my ancestors when this article caught my eye. At first, I was thinking this was just a human tragedy story until I got to the last two sentences. They seem to change the entire scope of meaning of this article. Of course this was published on Jan 4, 1898 which granted was a different time but I couldn't help but wonder what would happen to parents in this day of age had a son blow his arm off with a shotgun and had two more sons who suffered the same fate. I'm guessing it would be all over the news like the Anthony trial now.


Vince said...

That reads that the three have only two arms between them.
I'll bet you though that there is more to that story. Leaning towards to the KKK or something of the like sort of omerta. There were some really nasty gangs about in those days. And were mostly more dangerous to those within the gang.
It wasn't until the WW1 intake to the armed service that much of this disappeared.

Ed said...

Vince - I still think that reads that his two brothers each have one arm like him meaning the three brothers each only have one arm.

Regardless, more than one would probably garner a lot of attention in today's media.

sage said...

Interesting--i've seen lots of folks here in Cambodia missing arms and legs (also interesting are the signs saying this minefield was cleaned with donations from this charity or "stay out"

Woody said...

I would hate to live next door to that family.

Ed said...

Sage - That is sad. You would think that with technology that we could find a way to remove all the mines safely.

Woody - I certainly wouldn't ask them to go hunting with me. Dick Cheney either!