Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I'm not sure why, but when ever I look back at trip photos, I always feel like I have more than a few of the foods I have eaten. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I subscribe to the philosophy of 'when in Rome eat like the Romans.' So when in San Diego right by the sea, you must eat a lot of sea food if you subscribe to my philosophy.

My wife had won this trip as a prize for giving the base case presentation speech among her peers. They didn't give her all expenses paid but gave her a set limit of money that would cover all her standard hotel and airfare expenses. Since we had booked our airfare months earlier when it was cheaper and before we knew she had won and we stayed in a cheaper motel much farther from the convention center from all the colleagues, we  ended up with a good chunk of change that we could spend on food. We took full advantage of it.

These first three photos above are of our first meal eaten just hours after getting off the plain. We drove up the coast to a famous restaurant called Pacifica Del Mar where even for a weekday lunch crowd, I was severely under dressed in a polo shirt and nice jeans. They let me in and served food to me but I felt a bit out of place. We had baked oysters for an appetizer, I had the fish tacos and my wife had the mixed seafood grill and rice. All was good but the baked oysters were divine.

We ate at a Filipino restaurant that was unremarkable for supper and an Indian buffet place for lunch the next day but neither were worth photo-documenting. However, we did stop for a yogurt treat later that day and I had a blueberry and dark chocolate bit Pinkberry sundae. My yogurt was their regular but my wife had a mango version that was excellent. Next time I would skip the chocolate and just go blueberries.

After Pinkberry and fortunately on full stomachs, we stopped at a Ghiradelli Chocolate store plum full of chocolatey goodness. I don't think I have every seen so much chocolate all in one place outside of the move Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Oscar Meyer weiner-mobile. Enough said about that. Another supper was paid for by my wife's boss who wanted to treat us. Of all the places in San Diego, he chose Kansas City Barbecue which is certainly not what a Roman would eat. It was good food but a lost opportunity.

One of our final meals was at another nice seafood restaurant called Georges On the Cove with a nice view of the ocean. I had a spicy tuna melt sandwich which was excellent and so tasty that I forgot to take a picture of it.  My wife had red snapper and there is also no picture of that. I did manage to get a picture of the seafood kimchi appetizer that we had which also was excellent.

So overall, the trip was a culinary delight other than the two half days that we spent crammed into an aluminum tube at 35,000 feet with not even a paltry bag of peanuts to chew on. Perhaps one more reason we opted to eat some nicer food while in the San Diego area.


R. Sherman said...

The bad thing about living where we do, is that really good, fresh seafood is hard to find. I love oysters, but I'm leery about eating them here, if I don't know where they came from and how long they've been in transit.


I need to get back to the Gulf.


geri said...

The pictures made me hungry, esp the oysters and fish!

After 8 years I have come to a conclusion that filipino food in the US will always be better tasting homecooked than in restaurants. I've been to a couple of filipino restos here in Chicago that got rave reviews but to my tastebuds tasted nothing extra-ordinary.

sage said...

it's been a long time since lunch, I'm getting hungry again! Great photos and I always laugh when I see the Oscar Myer wennie-mobile.

Bone said...

They should have shirts, "I came all the way to San Diego to have some Kansas City barbecue."

I'm like you, I have to have seafood when I'm near the ocean. And those pics made me hungry, also.

malor said...

Looks good! I miss fresh seafood..

Murf said...

Whose white arms are those in a couple of the photos? :-)