Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cabrillo Point

One of the real jewels I found in San Diego was Cabrillo National Park which is found on a point of land across the bay from San Diego and is the southwest most point of the United States. It is named for the first European who supposedly landed on the west coast and as it turned out, was also buried there when he died from infection from a broken leg. Where he is buried is unknown.

In the middle of San Diego bay is Coronado Island which isn't really an island at all but an isthmus connected to the main land. The only way into San Diego bay is to sail where the two sail boats are to the picture's left around Coronado Island to the bay between it and the mainland which is where all the tall building are at in the background.

My immediate thought was that Cabrillo point was an excellent place for a lighthouse and evidently so did the early settlers as evidenced by this lighthouse. However, due to the height of the point, the lighthouse was often in fog while the bay was open so there is another lighthouse down low along the ocean's edge.

Later during the points past, America became worried about an invasion from Japan and this point and Coronado Island became the site of a huge military base and defensive area. These days, the military still owns the north half of Cabrillo point as well as the north half of Coronado island and is second in size only to the Norfolk, Virginia base and is the home of our entire Pacific fleet. The southern most point that was mostly a defensive place to guard the Pacific fleet from the Japanese has been made into a National Park but there are still many signs of the past military significance including this 16 inch shell that with that stack of black powder cartridges could be fired twenty miles out to see. In an attempt to get some scale to my picture, I grabbed an empty coke can and set on the shell.

On the Pacific side of the point, there are a lot of tidal pools which are open to the public. This rock was purchased on this ledge probably ten feet above the surface and guessing that from the multitude of footprints around, have been used as a dandy seat and a test of strength by those hoping to push it into the ocean.

There weren't any beaches of sand but plenty of sandstone ledges to sit and watch the ocean. I think I lost three or four hours somewhere here. One minute it was shortly after noon and the next thing I knew the sun was dipping towards the horizon.

Not sure what this sandstone bowl is or how it was formed. My best guess was that a rock at one time sat in it and the sandstone eroded around it leaving behind the bowl. Any other guesses?

This was as far south as I could go before I was rim rocked by cliffs and an ocean.


PhilippinesPhil said...

great pics!

R. Sherman said...

Ditto Phil on the photos. BTW, there's a photo of me in 1967 in front of that lighthouse. It's still beautiful there. One wonders how San Diego residents get anything done, given the year round perfect weather.


Ed said...

Phil - Thanks.

R.Sherman - ...except for when I go for a visit and it was cold, windy and rained everyday I was there. (I threw in a jacket at the last second and was extremely grateful.) I think I saw the sun for about a half day out of four.

Vince said...

I looked this up on the google earth. The car park at the foot of the Cape below the statue is where Jim Rockford had his mobilehome parked. :-)

Ron said...

Nifty pictures, it's a different world over there.

Eutychus2 said...

Thanks so much for sharing the pictures, I almost had to back up in my chair, for fear the water would splash up on me ... loved it.

Ed said...

Vince - I think someone must have mistakenly put that there since according to the show site, the filming location of his trailer was in the parking lot of the Sandcastle restaurant west of Malibu which is north up the coast.

Ron - In more ways than one...

Eutychus2 - This winter I spent a week on the ocean but someday, it has always been a dream of mine to spend an entire year on the shore. Perhaps then I would tire of it but I doubt it.

sage said...

Very nice photos--I never got out to the beach there at SD