Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So the wind howled all night and every time I woke up to take a peek outside the window, it was just a whiteout. Snow was falling and I couldn't see signs of the street, only huge drifts here and there. When I finally got out from under my warm blankets and crept downstairs, this was the view out on my back deck. The snow drift is probably only two to two and a half feet deep. Not bad I thought. So I got the little one situated watching cartoons and eating breakfast and decided to see if I could dig out of my driveway. When I opened the garage door, this is what I saw.

Not good. Not good at all. Suddenly I wished to retract my statement from yesterday about bring it on because I wasn't sure that my snowblower would be capable of tackling these huge drifts. My sidewalk and front deck looked highly doubtful as well.

After shoveling the little mini drift by hand that had been up against the garage door, I stuck my shovel in for another comparison picture. Holy crap! This is the biggest snowstorm I have seen in my nearly four decades of life!

So I fired up the beast and gave it hell. Even in first gear, I had to stop and let the motor catch up now and then. But there was no stopping it. Funny thing, when I bought the thing earlier this fall, I noticed it had two reverse gears on it. Since it has clutches for the wheels and it is about like pushing a heavy lawnmower, I wondered if reverse was actually necessary. I can say without a doubt, yes. My snowblower would push through the bottom of the drift and the top half would collapse all a round it. There were many times I had to use reverse to get myself out of the drift to have another go at it.

This is my front sidewalk. Enough said.

My daughter finally done with cartoons and checking out the prospects for a snow fort later today.

Eventually I cleared out the snow and made it over to daycare though we had to walk up from the street with me breaking the way through waist high drifts of snow. I even made it to work but there was nary a car in the parking lot and a ten foot tall drift completely blocking the entrance. Down the street aways, a large Caterpillar bucket was clearing the street one bucket at a time. I did the prudent thing. I went home to get some work done that can only be done in peace. Perhaps around lunch time I will go get the daughter and we can make a snow fort. One thing is for sure, this is a day that will live in my memory for the rest of my life.


Ron said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow. It reminds me of 2000, when we lived in the northland... when my snow blower couldn't heave it to the top of the pile. Lots of fond memories of ramming the car with wheels spinning at 40 mph to get down the alley. Heh.

A snow blower and a garage make northern winters a whole lot easier.


Frank D. Myers said...

Whoa ... I'm glad (today at least) that I live up thisaway and you live down thataway. Some big drifts here, but nothing quite like that.

Vince said...

Is the blower on the little shovel.
this snow about equals the rain you were getting all summer. Someone up there thinks you need H2O and lots of it

geri said...

You still went to work in that??? Little Abbey is not so little anymore =)

Ed said...

Ron - Having lived just west of you 60 miles, I can remember. Though I only lived up in Hutchinson for 6 years, I can't remember a single snow event this bad. Yes, a garage is a must up here.

Frank - I don't think they got this much up in Des Moines either.

Vince - There is an auger in the front within the yellow hood that drags the snow back to a centrifugal fan that flings it up the spout and up to 20 feet away.

Geri - Yep but there is free food and lots of conversation at work. LA is getting big! She takes after me.

TC said...

I'm staying put today, that's all I'll say :)

sage said...

Wow, little Abbey is growing up! We didn't have quite that much, but there were many places with 4 foot or more drifts. I think we ended up with a little over a foot, but the winds were wicked. A plow does the driveway, but it still took me 45 minutes to dig out the front door to the drive way and to clear the snow packed up against the back door.

Murf said...

Great photos! I'm really glad I just submitted my resume for a job in Hawaii. :-)

Bone said...

Wow, that's massive. Also gorgeous.

Our schools were closed for a week back when we had our blizzard a few weeks ago. And that was only 8 inches.

Glad you got to use your snow blower.

Woody said...

WOW! Ya'll got the snow we dodged. I find it hard to complain about a measly 4" of sleet.

warren said...

I hope you tied a rope to her leg to pull her back in if she got lost!