Thursday, February 3, 2011


I'm not using the front door anytime soon lest I be buried in an avalanche never to be seen again. By the way, the shovel is just stuck in the top of the snow. The sidewalk is about thirty inches down and you can't see the step leading from it to the deck surface nor the canyon I carved with the snowblower that you saw in yesterday's post.

After digging out my own driveway, taking the daughter to daycare and finding out that I couldn't get into the parking lot at work until I borrow something with 8ft wheels on it, I set to work snow blowing the driveways and sidewalks of the two neighbors to the east and the neighbor to the west with a 100 ft long driveway. I might as well make myself useful since I can. I got about half way done with the latter driveway when a truck and blade showed up and it promptly got stuck. After getting it out, it finished up and I decided to see if I could get into the parking lot at work. I succeeded and actually got a lot of work done in the peace and quiet of a building with a tenth of the normal capacity. Of the people who made it to work, all either had a snow blower, hired their driveway cleared or walked. Not one person who owned only a shovel made it.

Back home the daughter and I played in the snow and the picture above is one of many that I took. According to the official pundits, this is the most snow we've gotten in one shot in... well... ever. At least back into the 1880's when records were kept. I believe it. Many of the streets here in town, 12 hours later, are still just one way and by one way, I mean that you literally scrape your side view mirrors on the drifts of snow on each side of the car. On my first trip to work yesterday, the only business open at 8:30 on a Wednesday was a gas station. Hy-Vee, Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Burger King and everything else were deserted. I never thought I would see that day come short of a nuclear holocaust. Schools were cancelled yesterday morning for that day and for today. I'm not sure if school will be in session by tomorrow.


geri said...

oh wow, that is a LOT OF SNOW! Would you know how many inches your neck of the woods got? That is one strong roof to not have caved in with that amount of snow sitting on it.

Public schools are closed Thursday as well, but Evan has school tomorrow.

Ron said...

Yeah, that's way too much to get at one time. Wow.

sage said...

We came just shy of setting a record, but today, I had to be in two cities, so had a RT of about 100 miles, roads were bad this morning, but okay in the PM

Ed said...

Geri - Fortunately it is just that one spot and above the load bearing wall so there is probably no danger of collapse.

Ron - I agree with you but I don't think my daughter does.

Sage - Other than the lack or room due to so much snow, our roads have been pretty normal winter roads after this.

R. Sherman said...

Crap. Before I visited, posted an entry with the same title.

We didn't get as much snow, but I've enough ice on house and driveway to sink a fleet of Titanics.


Vince said...

That heap on the low roof looks like a wave of snow hit it.
You aren't worried that it may be too heavy for the roof ?.

Frank D. Myers said...

The snow will melt --- attach flotation devices to house.