Monday, January 3, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is a Box

Time to unwrap all her presents: minutes
Cost of wrapping materials: $12
Time spent wrapping said present: hours
Favorite toy of the year: one cardboard box

Go figure!

Blog Note: I made it back from my foray to the oil ravaged and largely deserted gulf coast intact and much refreshed. Stay tune for several upcoming posts on the subject.


sage said...

I will warn you, this too shall pass. The box years quickly changed into the American Girl Doll years and my wallet became much lighter! Happy New Year, Ed!

Ed said...

Sage - Despite my attempts to keep American Girl's a mystery to my daughter, Grandma got her one for Christmas. The pain to my wallet will begin shortly!

Three Score and Ten or more said...

Where in the gulf did you find some oil ravaged areas. Even in Louisiana (the most affected area,) oil ravage is pretty hard to find --except in the unemployment office

geri said...

LOL. I like it when they don't need much to keep them happy and occupied for hours, imagination at work! =)

What was not-so Little Abbey supposed to be in the box?

$12 for wrapping, she must have had lots of presents!

Ed said...

3 Score - Although I did find a few oil balls on the beach, there was no other signs of damage to be found. I was referring more to the perception which is why we got a good deal on the condo and why I opted to go down there for a week on vacation.

Geri - She was a robot in that picture. The $12 was a total guess. Three or four years ago on a day after Christmas shopping trip, we bought a dozen rolls of wrapping paper for little of nothing and we are still using off of them and probably will for several more years.

R. Sherman said...

I second Sage's comment although the OD refused to allow the AG dolls to be tossed when she left for college, so you'll be seeing them again with the grandkids, methinks.


Vince said...

I remember I was the very same. And my mother solved the issue with Lego. Tons of the stuff.
I also remember being very disappointed with most toys for they had only one function.
I say good on her, for it shows a very active mind.

warren said...

My kids have moved on from boxes straight to electronics...I miss boxes

TC said...

Makes you wish you'd saved yourself some money, huh?


Gotta love kids. Precious photo.

Murf said...

Way to fuzz out the mailing labels, goober. :-)