Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Joys and Downfalls of Work

I'm not allergic to work, especially engineering work but it does have its joys and downfalls. Although I am part owner of my company and an engineer, I still get plenty of opportunity to get my hands dirty. I often times fabricate parts with welders, drills, saws, grinders, shears, presses and benders. It might not be pretty but if it works and lets me test an idea, I'm okay with it. This part of my job is the joy part because I love the variety even though it plays havoc on my work clothes. I may go to work wearing better clothes thinking I'm going to be doing mostly computer design work or at most electrical wiring and end up welding or grinding with a generous amount of touching greasy objects thrown in. Fortunately my wife isn't home as often anymore so I can generally sneak them through the wash before she frowns her disapproval.

Eventually my design is built and in the test phase which generally means I can focus my attentions elsewhere, sometimes doing accumulated paperwork which needless to say isn't a joy. Most of the time I put in enough legwork to assure a successful test but occasionally, things beyond my control like a badly welded (by someone else) joint can cause an unexpected failure. This is the downfall to my job especially when there are timelines involved. Why am I thinking about this subject? Because just such a event has happened to me and now I am scrambling to redesign, rebuild and retest one of my designs, all things I love to do but not when the focus of a timeline is squarely on my shoulders.


R. Sherman said...

Always the problem when you have to rely on someone else's work as a predicate to your own success. I hope the clock slows down for you.


sage said...

I like a variety of things, too. But I don't have grinders and welders to play with at work!

Bone said...

I guess I'm pretty much just echoing the first commenter, but I always hate when my job depends on someone else doing theirs.

And suddenly I'm wondering about my next job evaluation: "Bone displays increasing frustration when required to work as part of a team." :)

Murf said...

I hope you don't get grease on that pretty yellow plaid shirt of yours. ;-)

TC said...

For some reason, this reminds me of my Dad taking me to the shop with him when I was a little girl. I'd just gotten a new coat, and it was pale - blue or pink, I don't remember for sure.

Anyway, I naturally found something to play with that was covered in grease and got it all over the coat.

My mom was FURIOUS.

But I had been paying attention to all her boasting that she could get just about anything out of my Dad's clothes, so I looked at her and smiled and chimed: "Dirt can't hide from 'tensified Tide!"

(OK, so I'd also been watching old Tide commercials. And missing half the word.)

I'm not sure if you or your wife is more lucky that she's not around to have to do the cleaning ;)