Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Voting Out Three Members of the Iowa Supreme Court Was the Right Thing To Do

A little over a year and a half ago, I wrote a couple of blog posts on the divisive topic of gay marriage. The first post was more general thoughts on the subject and the second post outlined why our supreme court justices who made this decision were legislating instead of doing their jobs and interpreting the constitution of Iowa which stated specifically that marriage is defined as being between a man and a woman. Because they were legislating instead of interpreting, the people of Iowa decided to take action.

In Iowa, we vote every election on whether we wish to retain our judges with a simple yes or no vote. If a simple majority of the people vote no, the judge is removed from office. This has never happened since this procedure was implemented in the 1960’s. Iowa made history this past Tuesday by voting out of office all three of our Supreme Court Justices who were up for a retention vote and who legislated about gay marriage.

Iowa Supreme Court Chief Justice Marsha Ternus came to our town right before the election telling everyone who would listen that a vote to not retain our justices, including her, would be a vote against Iowa process for appointing and retaining judges. Of course, it obviously does nothing close to that. In fact, by voting out Chief Justice Ternus and two or her fellow justices, we have strengthened our process by showing that yes, if they choose to legislate instead of doing their duties of strictly interpreting the Iowa constitution, we can and will vote their kiesters out of office.

In case you the reader haven’t reread the above two links and think I am just an angry and homophobic, please understand that my opinion on this subject has nothing to do with gay marriage at all. As I said in the previous post, it doesn’t affect me in the slightest. My beef with this and why I voted no on retaining those three supreme court justices is because they were legislating from the bench pure and simple. If they get away with legislating on this issue, what other future issue that would affect me will they legislate on?


Vince said...

Sorry, but those links are blind.

On your point, I think you're correct. It will not matter one Iota if Gays et al marry. Actually in general I think they are idiots wanting that cross in the first place.
All the same though, I would never have Iowa as a place that would need such changes as a matter of urgency. But then I would, but a few years ago, never have put Minnesota as a center of Theatre. And really good Theatre also.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

I found the links fascinating. I was a bit frustrated because I remembered a couple of the posts, but hadn't commented on them. I didn't feel comfortable about commenting at this late date. I'd like to figure out how you set up the links. I'd like to try it, though I seem to screw up every new thing I try.

Ed said...

Vince - I'm not sure what you mean by blind? Gays marrying may have tax implications in some states but in Iowa, unless you make less than the poverty level, it is better for a married couple to file as single. That is why in Iowa, there isn't even a tax advantage for gays to marry.

3 Score - Your and everyone's comments are always appreciated. I blog to expand my comfort zone in debating such topics and if nobody holds my feet to the fire, I feel as if I have failed. I'm not sure the proper way to imbed a link but the way I do it is to type the code manually in the 'Edit HTML' tab in bloggers posting area. When you get to the place where you want to imbed a link you type the following replacing the stuff in () with the appropriate symbol or words:
(less than sign above the common on a standard keyboard)a href="(insert link here using copy and paste)"(greater than sign above the period on a standard keyboard)(insert words to be seen in your post as linked)(less than sign)/a(greater than sign) I'm sure there is an easier way but that is how I learned back in the day and I've just continued to do it that way.

Ed said...

3 Score - I checked, there is a much easier way. In the blogger post template, there is the word 'link' above the box where you type in the text of your post. When you get to were you want to link something, click that word. Fill in the two boxes of words you wish to display and the url of where you wish to link to and click ok. It does the rest and you don't have to remember any code.

R. Sherman said...

Missouri created the so-called "non partisan" plan for appointing appellate judges which many states, including Iowa have followed. Politicians love it because it gives them more power and turns the appellate courts into a patronage system. Whenever extending the system to the circuit (trial) courts is suggest, I vigorously oppose it for the reasons you cite.