Monday, November 8, 2010

TSA: Here We Go Again

Let's recap:

Nineteen young males of middle eastern decent commandeered four planes using sharp objects and flew them into three buildings and a field. As a result, the TSA begins to screen for everything to sharp box cutters to nail clippers.

Young males of middle eastern decent plan to smuggle explosive liquids onto planes and were foiled before they could but the TSA couldn't accept that success and forced all passengers to surrender everything from bottled water to hair gels forcing passengers to buy over priced drinks on the airplanes or post security convenience stores. Breast milk and lighter fluid are still allowed.

A young male of middle eastern decent tried to blow up his shoes. As a result, the TSA mandates all shoes must be removed and scanned separately.

A young male of middle eastern decent tried to blow up his underwear. As a result, the TSA starts implementing scanners that can see our naked bodies and if we refuse, we now must be subject to 'enhanced pat downs' which included cupping your crotch with the front of their hand.

A young male of middle eastern  decent tried to blow up several planes by packing toner cartridges of a couple laser printers full of explosives. The TSA is still trying to figure out how they are going to prevent this from happening but I'm guessing it will result in them taking away our ability to mail anything by plane. The slow trans-ocean boat will still probably be an option.

Now a young Asian male got aboard a plane wearing a Caucasian old man mask. Though he wasn't planning on killing anyone and was instead seeking asylum, I'm assuming the TSA will feel it a huge security threat and implement a "pinch test" to ensure our skin is real and not silicone. I'm not sure what a Hollywood star will do in this situation.

On a larger note, our TSA is quickly becoming the joke of the world. In fact other countries are starting to refuse to do all the screenings requested of TSA for all inbound passengers. I'm guessing real terrorists are sitting in some dark cave coming up with the next way they can get TSA to further choke the convenience of flying by inconveniencing 99.999% of all passengers just to catch the 0.001% up to no good to the point that  we just give up and start riding a carts pulled by donkeys.

If the TSA really wants to be effective, here is my three step plan.

1. Anybody who buys tickets in advance, the largest percentage of passengers, has their names submitted for background checks. If they pass, they get the quick route through security going through a minimal of checks. The minority remainder gets a little bit more scrutiny. See step two.

2. Profile people. People who have no documentation of their plans, who buy their tickets last minute and one way with cash, are young middle eastern males, or otherwise seem nervous or dangerous, get a more thorough examination.

3. Limit the number of carry-on items and enforce size limitations so that any smuggled on explosive material is in small quantities and much easier to detect.

Israel uses this plan and hasn't had a breach in decades. We have the tightest security in the world and we haven't had a breach in over a week. Why? Because we spend all our time looking for materials that might be made into a weapon instead of looking for people who could turn just about anything into a weapon to be used against us. It's that saying, "Guns don't kill people. People kill people." Until we start using a little bit of common sense, we are just clogging up the system to make it even easier for the 0.001% of people who want to harm us or just make us ride in donkey drawn carts to do so.


sage said...

I had one of those "full body scans" last week, coming back into the country... I don't have a problem with some profiling in airports (after all, you've chose to fly), but then, I'm a white male.

R. Sherman said...

Sage brought up the full body scans and the indignities one suffers for opting out, including being fondled by those TSA jerks. I agree about the Israeli method which I've been through. It's common sense and it works. It all starts with profiling and political correctness be damned.

Vince said...

Still, you would have to say Post -or Mail in your money- from Yemen, Somali or Iran to a Gay Synagogue in Chicago would kick up some dust way before the UPS transit depot in Manchester. A place, a full 4000 miles from where the fellow stuck the stamp.
Just saying !.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

Common sense? Surely you jest sir. Common sense has been outlawed by the United States Government by- laws for lo these many years.

Ed said...

Excellent comments all!

TC said...

Great post. I hate the TSA with a passion. They make life miserable instead of better.