Friday, November 19, 2010

Taking a Break

Although I am staying in the general vicinity of my home next week, I've run into an unusual situation. I have nothing in my backlog of posts and nothing on tap. I blame a rather hectic work schedule, no time off in the last couple months, and being burnt out on politics after a brutal campaign season. So I am taking a week of blogging vacation to compose myself and get my act together. See you towards the end of this month.


R. Sherman said...

Seems like everybody is taking a break. Have fun and a nice Thanksgiving with you and yours.


Bone said...

A week off between posts has unfortunately become my normal schedule.

Enjoy the break.

sage said...

Have fun, I hope you life gets less hectic (I'm hoping the same for me). I'm with Bone--a week between posts.

malor said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I am reading your past postings of Little Abby updates. I am enjoying them.