Monday, October 11, 2010

Wild and Scenic Missouri River: Part 6

Most of my posts on this trip have fallen into the scenic designation unless you count remoteness as wild. We saw lots of birds from eagles to herons along the river and even saw a spectacular dogfight between two fighter planes/birds complete with barrel rolls and lots of flares happening right over our head at a close proximity. Here is a sequence of pictures showing the wild part of the designation. We saw quite a few bighorn sheep but this was as close as we got the entire trip. These appear to be a ram, two ewes and a yearling.


R. Sherman said...

As always, I view these posts with mixed emotions, i.e. wonder at the beauty versus jealousy over not having had a vacation out west this summer.



sage said...

I got in two short (both two nighters) river trips this summer. I haven't had a long wilderness trip in several years and it's time to change that!

Vince said...

Lovely photos. Very hard to get a good shot of a Mountain. But you got it.