Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Crazy About Turkey Burgers

A couple weekends ago, I decided that nothing in the standby recipe box was what I was in the mood for so I dug out one of my wife's favorite cookbooks with the intention of flipping through it to find something to make. Although I did find something to make, I didn't do any flipping because the very page that I opened the book at somewhere in the middle had a recipe for something that I had never tried before but sounded good. The recipe was turkey burgers.

I made the recipe, more or less, and was blown away by the very moist and flavorful burgers, so much so, that I would rather eat a turkey burger any day over the best beef burger that I have had in my entire lifetime. My wife got home in time to enjoy one hot out of the pan and really raved about them too. This will be a staple in our family from now on, especially when grilling season starts again though the ones done inside in the fry pan were outstanding anyway. I'm anxious to take this one down to the farm the next time I go down and blow away the parents whom I like to impress now and then with my cooking when I find something unique like my famous homemade chicken teriyaki or stone baked pizzas. So without further ado, I have decided to post the recipe for the turkey burgers on my blog. Try them out and be prepared to be blown away.

Turkey Burgers
2 or 3 pounds of turkey thighs, deboned and ground up in food processor
1-cup ricotta cheese
4 tsp of Worcestershire sauce
4 tsp of Dijon mustard
Salt and pepper to taste

Mix together and form into 1" thick burgers. Cook on one side until a dark crust has formed and then flip cooking until internal temp is 160 degrees. Definitely go for the turkey thighs because the thigh meat is hard to over cook, which is why they were so moist. Our store doesn't sell boneless thighs but since there is only one bone and I'm grinding it up later anyway, it is easy to debone. Having never cooked turkey burgers before and especially since they are on the thick side, I used a quick read thermometer to verify that the temp was 160 degrees. I ate mine between a toasted bun with some yellow mustard. I would have liked to have a slice of red onion on top had I any. Next time.


geri said...

I am bookmarking this for Tom =)

R. Sherman said...

Sounds like a good recipe, provided you can find the thighs. Our store sells boneless chicken thighs which I've taken to more than the white meat because it tends to be juicier and more flavorful.


Eutychus2 said...

I'm on it ... thanks for the recipe!

Ed said...

Geri - I can't imagine someone not liking this dish and I wouldn't say that a about most things.

R. Sherman - Up here, our local box grocery store is Hy-Vee and they carried turkey thighs with bones. I was surprised and had been planning on just using ground turkey which is probably a lot more common in grocery stores. However, the ground turkey is never as juicy when cooked as the thighs are.

The Real Mother Hen said...

I had heard so much about a turkey burger on Oprah from friends... called Mar-a-Lago Turkey Burger. So one day I decided to search and saw the recipe. Well it has Mango Chutney in there. Oh well. I don't want to get the store bought chutney as one of the main ingredients is HFCS. Anyway, since I haven't yet made my batch of mango chutney, so haven't tried out the turkey burger recipe yet. If you are into turkey burger, the recipe at may interest you.

Sage said...

Looks and sounds good. Years ago, I had a recipe for turkey burgers (using ground turkey) that I really liked--it had lots of spices and was had a real bite to it... somewhere along the way I lost it :(

Beau said...

Enough with the food already! Or at least wait until I'm driving through Iowa :) I've got to try that one... I've been (sort of) dieting of late and this isn't helping!

Murf said...

I'm curious as to why no one else you asked you this since it wasn't addressed in your entry (and very thankful that no one else has so I can)...but why will you be grinding up the thigh bone?

What is her favorite cookbook?

Ed said...

Murf - The deboned meat is ground up, not the bones. America's Test Kitchen

Murf said...

Our store doesn't sell boneless thighs but since there is only one bone and I'm grinding it up later anyway, it is easy to debone.

The 'it' doesn't apply to the bone as stated in your sentence? Please tell me you don't write your manuals. ;-)

Bone said...

Never had a turkey burger but that actually does look good. Wonder if buying the ground turkey would work as well, as I don't have a food processor.

Your last two posts are making me want to grill out.

Murf said...

I couldn't find turkey thighs. I wonder if chicken will do just as well.

TC said...

Grilling. Morels.

Man, I'm craving spring/summer!

Ed said...

Bone - I bought some ground turkey this weekend to try it out. It was moist but I accidentally bought Italian seasoned ground turkey. I never new there was such a thing. I will try it again with the unseasoned ground turkey sometime in the future and report back because turkey thighs are hard to find it seems unless I go to bigger stores with large meat sections.

Murf - Try it and let me know. I bet they would taste good too.

TC - Mmmmmmm.... Morels on top of my turkey burger. Only 4 to 6 weeks left to wait!