Friday, October 16, 2009

A Pictorial Train Ride

A few weeks ago, we rode a 1920's era train up in Boone, Iowa along the Des Moines River valley. The trip lasted a couple hours and was very enjoyable. Coincidentally, they happened to be hosting Thomas the Train for kids there the same weekend. A bonus for Little Abbey. Here is a pictorial of what we saw.

We started out by fueling up with a classic Iowa lunch.

Then we drove by the old train graveyard.

Outside of town, we saw a few fields of soybeans and corn nearing harvest time.

I couldn't resist hanging out the window. This is what I saw.

High bridge ahead?

Wow, that seems like a long way down.

I sure hope the train doesn't jump the tracks!

Eye candy!

Cross the Des Moines river looking upstream.

A meandering Des Moines river downstream.

I get the feeling someone is watching me.

I get the feeling someone is following me.


Murf said...

The first picture is going to bother me for the rest of the day . I firmly believe that one's meat should always match the size of the bun.

Murf said...

That's what she said!

sage said...

blogger ate my post!!!

Where are your pics of THomas and friends. I've always known trains to have personalities, but Thomas and company have attitude!

Glad the train graveyard wasn't a potent sign of the day to come... and, will you explain to us, just what 'eye candy' means to an Iowan

Ed said...

Murf - I've got the perfect place to take you out to eat then!

Sage - I had a picture of Thomas the train. At this point, I'm not sure what happened to it. Perhaps blogger ate it. Eye candy is a scene that is sweet to look at.

TC said...

Makes me want to take a train ride: very pretty. I bet Little Abbey loved it :) I know my niece and nephew are VERY into the train at the zoo, anyway, and it's tiny.

Pablo said...

I didn't know Iowa had hills and valleys that big! (Actually, I did. I've been skiing at Sundown before.)

malor said...

We had the same train ride back in 1999.

Beau said...

Nice. I want one of those sandwiches! Cute trains too...

Three Score and Ten or more said...

Wonderful experience. By the time I was you age I had traveled coast to coast by rail three times. When I tried to explain the experience to my kids, they couldn't relate at all. Two of them went with their mother, who used to host travel experiences with her high school students, and they had the opportunity to ride across country in Europe (I think, from Paris to Rome, but I am not sure) and finally understood what I was talking about

fullfreezer said...

We've wanted to do the train ride in Boone but haven't managed it yet. Thanks for the preview!

Ed said...

TC - I suppose like any three year old, she liked it for the first half hour or so and then was more interested in eating or playing in the aisle.

Pablo - It is a common misperception that I feel is mostly held by those who only travel by interstate.

Malor - It has been on our list for a long time. We just never had the opportunity until recently since we now have a place in Des Moines.

Beau - You can't go wrong with the old tenderloin the size of an elephant's foot. However, that doesn't mean they are all created equal!

Three Score - I love train travel and would someday like to do a longer trip. Unfortunately, where we live is kind of out of the way for trains.

Fullfreezer - Glad that I could help. It is a good family trip.

Bone said...

Wow, great shot from the bridge! Looks like you were hanging waaaay out the window.

Ed said...

Bone - Fortunately I have long arms and a large LCD display on the camera which I could see from my seat inside the train.