Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2012 Already?

For the last couple months when I obtain my mail in the evening, I got a handful of flyers every single night. My brief nightly television viewing was interrupted many times by political ads announcing so and so will raise my taxes, kill grandma, give themselves a raise unless I vote for a different so-and-so. My phone, long ago put on the do-not-call registry rang off the hook, sometimes four and five times a night asking who I plan on voting for, if I would like a personal visit, possibly a yard sign, etc. My front deck normally left to the spiders has been clear due to numerous people stopping by willing to assist me in anyway if I would just vote. This was well worse than the election that drug on from 2007 and 2008 and has me wondering if I missed a couple years and 2012 was upon us.

Actually, what happened was a perfect storm. Our county is historically a switch hitter and we have voted both Democrat and Republican though our State Representative for the last few election cycles since the 1990's has been a Democrat. We are considered a demographic that can be won by the Republicans, something they are dying to do in the next election cycle to obtain a majority not just on the state level but on the national level. Our current State Representative was selected to head some state agency and thus we have a vacancy that filled last night in a special election. With both state and national political parties wanting to affirm status quo or show that the people are revolting, our lowly special election which would typically receive a really light turnout has gotten lots of funding from state and national parties. In an off year election like this one in the past, there would have been only hundreds of dollars spent between both parties on their campaigns. This one has already spent nearly $1 million!

The funny thing is that I know both of the two main party candidates really well and neither of them would have said the things that were said and especially forked over large wads of money to do so. It just goes to show how much power and influence these political engines have. I'm guessing that they have so much power, that numbers at the polling stations last night rivaled those during the last presidential election. Even more odd, I know both of the off-party candidates really well too though their partys are virtually non-existent on the national scene.

The worst part about all of this assuming it goes the way I voted, we will have lost an excellent County Supervisor who will need to replace inciting another ugly mess of 'us versus them', us being the townies and them being the local cult who are followers of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It was really ugly in the local press and coffee shops during the last presidential election when two were up for election and thus possibly swing control of the county from 'us' to 'them'. It sometimes superseded the ugliness in the national election at times and the ugliness in the last presidential election was one for the record books.

This will automatically post before the results are published but once they are, I will update those who want to know which way the political winds will be blowing in 2012, according to the political party election engines, by adding it to the bottom of this post.


Updated 6:47 am:

Curt Hanson: 3932
Steve Burgmeier (County Supervisor): 3825
Dan Cesar: 40
Douglas Philips (a.k.a. Veggie Pete): 242

Total Votes: 8046

Our district has 21,639 registered voters so that means a 37% turnout. Not bad for an off year election. I guess there won't be another 'us versus them' battle after all.


Sage said...

Lucky you (having to deal with another election so soon_. And since you're in Iowa, there's probably already a few politicans out kissing babies and trying to make a name for themselves for 2012.

Ed said...

Sage - If you knew these people as I do, no self respecting baby would want to be kissed by them.

Murf said...

Completely off topic, I never noticed that you post Mon-Wed-Fri until you pointed it out in your last entry. Funny that observant me wouldn't notice that, isn't it?

Ed said...

Murf - I read somewhere that for a highly successful blog, you have to post on a regular schedule. Obviously that was a load of crap but I've kept to it for many years now just the same.

Beau said...

Interesting results- must have been quite the show locally. Glad we're not worrying about that for another year at least.

PhilippinePhil said...

Not that"ugly." I've lived in places, like now, where people are killed and things blow up over the course of a campaign period. Maybe messy there, but not ugly...