Friday, August 7, 2009

Solitude: Revisited

[I am gone for business for a couple weeks so my blog is on autopilot. Here is a repost of some early writings way back when...]

Solitude enshrouds me as I sit underneath the tree and sky,
I am listening to the tree's whispered story, told through a sigh.
Even the grass chimes in with a charming story of its own,
About the sun and the moon and why through the sky they roam.
The flowers listen politely silently bobbing their petals in the breeze,
As the robins and the blue jays sit witness in the branches of the tree.
Have you ever heard a tree talking, its soft whispers in the wind?
Have you listened to solitude and has solitude in you ever lived?

Date Unknown


Sage said...

Yes! :)

Beau said...

Oh very much, yes! Nice.