Friday, July 10, 2009

Political Mish Mash

Why is so much breath wasted on Sarah Palin? The latest polls show that seven out of ten Republicans would vote for her. Is this a vote for her or that two of the leading contenders have recently been outed as having marital affairs and there isn't much of a choice? Sarah Palin's speaking ability makes George Bush seem like a Shakespearean poet! Not to mention, she seems to have the political ethics of a Chicago mobster that just found several cases of fine booze packed in wads of cash. If that is the best that the Republican Party can drag up in the next three years, I think I will probably attending the democratic caucus instead.


Did anyone else see those clips of Putin on the news a few days ago? One clip showed him visiting a grocery store and commenting on the high prices. The storeowner immediately said they were going down tomorrow. Another clip showed a factory owner who had just laid off all his workers because he went bankrupt. Putin slid over a contract, tossed him a pen and told him to sign it. The contract stated that he would rehire every worker back tomorrow. When I look into Putin's eyes, it scares the heck out of me. I would not want to see what goes on behind closed doors with that guy. He would probably make Saddam Hussein seem like saint material.


I didn't vote for the current occupant because I knew he would be very hard on my wallet. It seems as if that guy has no limits to the amount of money he is willing to spend. Cash for clunkers? But all that money pales in comparison to what it might cost each of us to bail out California, the biggest spending state in our nation.


Years ago, a very vocal faction of our community wanted to build a huge civic center for the local arts. Problem was, we are only a town of less than 10,000 and only a small fraction of those are interested in cultural things that occur inside a civic center. In other words, the audience that would support such an endeavor is very limited. We had a small amphitheater built in vacant warehouse that worked just dandy and I often went there. However, it seemed to me as if the same 50 to 80 people showed up time after time and so I was a little bit leery, along with thousands of other citizens, that we could support such a place. Never fear the vocal faction said, it would be build from all private money with over a $1 million in a slush fund just in case. It was approved. The city stepped in and donated land and cleared it all at taxpayer expense, doubly so since the new structure was made tax exempt. They ran out of money building the massive structure and received grants from the state, i.e. more of my tax dollars, to finish it. Less than two years ago it opened up and has lost massive amounts of money ever since. Now they want the city to take it over or for the county to designate tax revenue to be used for its up keep. Part of the problem is we could never afford it even when times were good and we certainly can't afford it now. The other part is that they charge admission of around $40 per person to see a show when I used to see the ones out in the vacant warehouse for $5 and that included a drink and a cookie. I'm voting to let it go bankrupt and default back to the bank that lent them the money.


Evidently, governments down the line learn from example from those further up the line. Unemployment is high in our town and many factories have lain off hundreds of people. Those of us still employed have received, unpaid time off, pay decreases or at best, no pay increases. We scrapped plans to build a new multi million-dollar school because nobody would buy the bonds to finance it. Yet, our city officials have given themselves raises upwards of 5% and our teachers even more, some of them getting bonuses of $5000. This after a big to do when the state warned our school system that we were overspending and needed to cut back. This after they rammed a one cent tax increase down our throats during an off-election cycle after it had been handily voted down three times previously. I don't think they have listened and I don't think they are listening still.


R. Sherman said...

Here's the truly insidious thing about California. They tax and spend themselves into bankruptcy while people flee to Nevada or parts where the taxes are lower. Yet, the rest of us nonetheless get to pay for services rendered to Californians which Californians cannot afford. It is nothing less than a extra jurisdictional tax and bad things will definitely follow. Once the states realize that there's no limit to their spending if everybody else is on the hook, we're dead.

So much for us fiscally responsible chumps in Missouri which has a balanced budget amendment and an amendment precluding any tax increases without a vote of the people. We've saved our money so the feds can take it and send it Sacramento.

And yes, I effing pissed about it.

< / rant >


Ed Abbey said...

R. Sherman - Livid would aptly describe my feelings over this situation too. Iowa doesn't have their backs against the wall yet but we are already in a tight space with no way out. I just wonder when we the people are going to wake up and do like the Iranians by letting our displeasure known? I'm guessing only after they start taxing our flat screen televisions at 25%.

Murf said...

LA did host a lovely Michael Jackson memorial though. ;-)

Ed Abbey said...

Murf - They sure did. Perhaps they will choke on the bill.

The Real Mother Hen said...

"Sarah Palin's speaking ability makes George Bush seem like a Shakespearean poet" - hahaha, right on, she really sucks when it comes to speaking/presentation. And Americans want to put her into the White House? Man that thought itself is scary.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Oh yeah, btw, it's a real morel. Because the person who ate it didn't get sick :)

PhilippinesPHil said...

So you guys prefer that tripe that Obama passes off as speech making? He doesn't have an extemporaneous bone in his body. He "reads" pretty though. Palin gives me the heebiegeebies too, but I voted for her over this speech reading person who is basically doing the same thing on an unprecedented national scale that you are railing agaist what happened there in your local situation. Ed, in your "mish mash" your "Barry complaint" was so miniscule that I almost missed it; yet the big slap at Cali? Call a spade a free spending democrat why don't ya? (no pun intended, believe me!) New York, Michigan, California; all failing, all run into the ground with a healthy dose of tax and spend. And now we got it on a national scale thanks to the questionable wisdom of our national electorate. All you that voted for him, look into the camera and repeat after me, "NO, I am NOT smarter than a 5th grader!"

Ed Abbey said...

Phil - I have never understood the conservative hype on Obama's speaking ability. Yes he reads off a teleprompter but so has every president since they were invented. Even when he isn't reading off a teleprompter, he still speaks a lot better than Palin or Bush. He will never be a Clinton or a Reagan but I have never claimed him to be either. As for free spending, the last handful of administrations have proven that it isn't a democrat or republican affliction.