Monday, April 6, 2009

Poo Poo In the Potty

"Daddy! I poo poo in the potty!"

Huh? Mrs. Abbey and I had been having a conversation over dinner and now Little Abbey was walking towards me pulling up her pants. When had she left the table? Dutifully I walked over to her potty chair and sure enough, a pile of poo bigger than any toddler her size should leave behind had been left behind. There was nothing else to do but forget about eating and conversations for awhile and do a victory dance with my daughter. And so that is what I did.

We had tried to potty train Little Abbey a couple times in the past but whenever she would go from a weekend to the weekday at the daycare, she would come back traumatized over it. So rather than risk emotional scarring, we just let her be and waited for her to get a little older. Then the trip to the Philippines was looming and we didn't want to have her potty trained and then get on a plane for 30 hours and suffer a setback that might upset her so we waited until she got back. Then there was a wedding that we had to travel to which brought us to a couple weeks ago when we said the time is finally right.

Mrs. Abbey sat Little Abbey down and told her the facts about the potty and how is she went wee wee or poo poo in the potty she would get a star on the calander and some candy. That was all it took. Monday she had four stars for going wee wee in the potty and one "I Did It" sticker for going poo poo in the potty. Tuesday she was up to five stars and one "I Did It" sticker which she earned during supper as I wrote about above. I never even noticed she had left the table. Wednesday the star count was up to six and by Thursday it was eight. I think she was holding back on us to feed a candy habit. Since then, she has had a perfect record and we have been holding back the treats here and there. All in all, it has been pretty painless and I hope I've bought my last box of diapers for awhile though I may have to do a few more poo poo victory dances.


  1. Nothing like a victory dance and snacks. I'm going to remember this trick for my wife when I get deep into my dotage.

    BTW, the size of those things coming out of a toddler always amazed me, too.


  2. Congratulations LA! I can imagine that this is going to be the end of her diaper days already.

    Evan did that too the other day by himself (imagine my elation!) but forgot all about potty training the next day (huhuhu). But I have noticed since I have repeatedly told Evan a few days ago that pee and poo goes in the potty and his pants should remain dry he seems to get the logic. He just needs reminding esp when watching a movie.

    I have scheduled to doing a modified version of the Azrin method (salty snacks and juice for a day) for Friday (when I am free all day) and hope it will drive the point home. I am a little excited.

  3. You know, for some of us, #2 is still a big, exciting deal. ;-) I still don't know how you can go every day....

  4. Haha, congrats, congrats.

    Wait a minute, did she wash her hands? :)

    I forgot all about the potty training period that my niece went through. But I still remember all the kiddish talk, wee wee, poo poo, poom poom (shower), ha :)

  5. Ahh the small things are so big sometimes.

  6. That is definitely worth a potty dance!

  7. R. Sherman - Fortunately we are past the stage of doing a victory dance everytime. I'm glad that was one of those short stages.

    Geri - I've not heard of the Azrin method but I can guess how it is applied. Little Abbey has been like a dog marking her territory and only going a little bit at a time. Last night she went poo poo three times in the space of a half hour. She has even got to where she empties her own potty chair and flushes everything. It is hard to imagine that at one time, I too enjoyed the novelty of using a toilet.

    Murf - Likewise, I don't know how you can save it up.

    Mother Hen - Little Abbey is a clean freak and likes to wash her hands. I certainly don't remember being that way as a child.

    Woody - They certainly are!

    Beau - And if I can help it, that will never be filmed and shared. :)

  8. Hooray for potties! Next thing you know she'll be asking for the car keys. Congratulate her for me.

  9. What a happy post--Ed, for your next one you should put up a video of you doing the potty dance--you can put a bag over your head to keep your identity seals (If I was to put up pics of dancing, I'd do the same!). Way to go, Little A!

  10. Sadly, the post wasn't tmi, but the comment exchange between you and Murf might have been, lol.

    I think you need to post the next victory dance on your blog :)