Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Easter Bunny Almost Overslept!

At the crack of dawn, probably a hour later actually, the Easter Bunny woke up and realized that Little Abbey would be up any second and the eggs had not been hidden. Quick as a rabbit that he was, got out of bed wishing all the snaps and pops in the joints would be silent for a change and pulled on his clothes. Tip toeing by Little Abbey's room he looked in to see how she was sleeping only to find her sitting there in bed staring at me, the Easter Bunny. I put a finger up across my lips to make the universal sign for silence and crept down the stares. Actually I took them two at a time and grabbed the carton of eggs out of the refrigerator like it was going to explode any second. Oops, those eggs were plain white. I reopened the fridge and started shuffling to get the dozen neon colored eggs finally finding them. I popped the top as I raced into the living room and hid the first eggs in a flower pot. I look upstairs to see where Little Abbey was and saw her standing on the top stair watching me silently. I eased the carton of eggs behind me and did the only thing I could think of in my still cobwebbed laced rabbit sized brain. I told Little Abbey to go wake up mommy. She ran back up the hall enthusiastically. Knowing I had bought myself about ten seconds, I threw the rest of the eggs in four directions and called it good. Little Abbey came down and walked right through the egg laced living room and requested a glass of milk.

It took her awhile to spot the first egg but once she did, she walked around asking the question of where as she looked for more eggs. Finally after I thought she had found them all, I checked the carton to see that there were only eleven eggs. Where was that last egg? Little Abbey and I crawled around on our hands and knees looking here and there and under this and on top of that trying to find that last egg. After fifteen minutes of fruitless searching, I was ready to write off that little egg until I could smell it sometime in the future when Mrs. Abbey absentmindedly asked me what we were looking for. I told her the twelfth egg and she casually mentioned that Little Abbey had eaten one the day before. It was a good thing I was a harmless bunny rabbit or I would have....

So Little Abbey did alright for Easter. She had another hunt on the grandparents farm, flew her first kite which she loved, and was given lots of candy by her godparents and friends. So now as a parent, I mean Easter bunny, I have to do one of the harder things to do when raising a child. Sneak some of the candy off to work while she is still sleeping and dispose of it in some way, possibly a handful at a time in that opening right below the nose. Life can be tough like that.


  1. I'm assuming the Easter Bunny brought her the good chocolate and not that crappy Palmer stuff. ;-)

    I'm glad you remembered to put your clothes on before you started the last minute hiding of the eggs.

  2. All the while I thought the Easter Bunny was a female.

    PS where did you get the kite?

  3. Awww, I love these Little Abbey stories. Very cute :)

  4. Murf - The Easter Bunny only left hardboiled eggs. The candy came from other people.

    Geri - My parents bought the kite at a dime store somewhere. They are the cheap plastic ones with one wooden dowel and some string wound on a plastic handle. Nothing fancy but awe inspiring to Little Abbey.

    TC - Thanks.

  5. Wait till you forget to play the role of "Tooth Fairy!" Cute story.

  6. Aw this is sweet!

    Btw, what do you do with all the colored eggs? You have to eat them? A dozen of them?

  7. Well done, dad. An award for you!


  8. That's very funny! Brings back memories... good job. I think she's on to you... :)