Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Unhistoric Inauguration

I guess a very historic day is upon us. Today, a half-white, American born citizen will be sworn in and live in that big white house built by slave labor but whose ancestors had nothing to do with slavery or were slaves themselves. If I were a black American (there is no such thing as African-American because dual citizenship isn't allowed in the U.S.), I would feel gypped. I would feel like I was hoping for a Ferrari and instead got a kit car. Yes it looks like a Ferrari but it wasn't made by Ferrari and hasn't had Ferrari's engineering or reputation involved.

I still think this is a historic day and I do plan on celebrating because tonight I go to bed and George Bush is no longer running the country into the ground! That is why I will be celebrating today and not because of a half-white, American born, non-slave related citizen of the United States takes office. To me, he is just anybody but Bush and time will tell how my opinion of him will form. I pray that I can have a high opinion of him because right now, our country does need someone who can lead.

Desert Rat

P.S. To those who are not long time readers of my previous blog, Desert Rat is my satiricle alter ego who has been hibernating for awhile.


sage said...

Good to see Desert Rat back... I remember reading about a Jewish comedian comment when Goldwater was running for President... "We finally get a Jewish candidate and he's an Episcopalian." That said, may we all sleep well tonight.

The Real Mother Hen said...

I'm drinking tea, eating cookies, and watching the TV. It's quite enjoyable actually :)

Yes the end of Bush presidency is really worth celebrating.

Oh he's about to make a speech now :)

Ed Abbey said...
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Desert Rat said...

Sage - I'd almost forgotten about posting on the blog of Ed. The desert southwest is just so much more comfortable temperature wise this time of year.

Mother Hen - Unfortunately, we rats don't watch TV but word has it that Ed is listening to the speech to see how much this presidency is going to cost him.

TC said...

I guess for me it's another day in which I'm just glad to be an American. Just like every other day of my life.

Beau said...

Desert Rat... I like that. Another day it is- I wish him luck, for the nation's sake of course. Enjoyed his speech, and the country is more hopeful at least for now. Time will certainly tell.