Monday, November 3, 2008

The Last Political Blog Post... Until After the Election

How is it that nothing on earth sounds louder than a politicians electronic phonecall while your daughter is taking a nap on the hallway floor? For some reason, she didn't want to sleep in her bed or ours, her two normal napping spots and instead took a nap on the hallway floor. In my effort to be quiet, I spent time down in the office paying bills, etc and trying to desperately stave off the phonecalls before they woke up Little Abbey. I answered two of them in the space of 10 minutes and those have been just a couple of the dozen or two I have received this weekend. Yes this is an election of epic proportions.

It seems like years ago (figuring it out now, I think it has been over a year and a half anyway) when my political journey began by walking up to the city square to hear one of the dark horses in the presidential race, a man named Barack Obama, give a speech. Wanting to get away from the crowd of 100 or so people already there, I asked if I could sit on the other side of a roped off area. Little did I know that in doing so, I put myself in direct position to shake Obama's hand as he made is way up to the stage to talk to the almost 1000 people then gathered to hear his speech. I should have realized that is 1000 people in a town of 10,000 show up to hear someone speak, big things were happening. Now a year and a half later, he is poised to be president, or at least the pundits are saying so. I guess tomorrow we shall see.

I wasn't impressed with Obama and his speech that day. It sounded expensive to me to be able to afford all these programs that he was proposing and that was way before the economic meltdown. But he was a charismatic fellow and had a good handshake which made me think I could like him as a friend just the same even if I wouldn't vote for him.

Back then, I thought the likes of Mitt or Rudy were the likely GOP contenders and McCain hadn't been brave enough to show his face in Iowa after having ignored us in previous elections. Despite his inattention, I still hoped he would win because he was a moderate whom I could see some promise in. To my surprise he eventually was nominated and I avowed on several blogs that it was his election to lose. He had it wrapped up. Then he spent the next six months tying himself to Bush and foresaking all those that got him elected. He did what I had feared and lost the election, or so the pundits say. I don't think I will ever be able to forgive him for that but that is okay, because unless this guy is Abraham, his election days are over.

Which brings me back to where I kind of began, my election days are thankfully numbered as well. Tomorrow I have a guest coming to sell me life insurance (oh boy) so I will get out of the evening political dicing on the news. Tuesday, between getting Little Abbey her flu shot and getting to the polls myself, it will be all over but the poll watching. My wife is set to watch her show Desperate Housewives as I write this so I will most doubtedly get a few more to watch but after the television goes off tonight, the elections are done for me. For that, I am extremely thankful.

P.S. If you are one of the few who haven't apparently voted early, go out and vote tomorrow. Vote your conscious and know that whoever wins, life goes on Wednesday... just without the political ads.


sage said...

I haven't voted early-there is something about the first Tuesday in November, kind of like going to church on Sunday or trick-or-treating on Halloween... So tomorrow, I'll go vote. Twice in my life I've voted absentee, in both cases I was out of state on election day.

Murf said...

I can't wait for the political ads to disappear. It almost makes me long for the day of the Cialis commercials or the stuff that has an oily discharge as a side effect. On a happier note, I didn't receive many robotic phone calls. Maybe two total and the most recent was for a guy running for city council.

R. Sherman said...

Alas, it is the word "expensive" which has determined my course of action. I've added up the numbers and while many people will receive tax cuts, those cuts will be borne in ways that are hidden. I'm afraid that small business will be killed by many of Mr. Obama's fiscal proposals. Add in losses in retirement investments due to the increased capital gains taxes, losses in real wages and jobs due to increases in federal payroll taxes, increased energy costs as a result of the "war" against global warming and you have the recipe for an economic disaster.


Beau said...

That's neat you were able to meet him, regardless of the election's outcome. I will vote tomorrow, and pray the nation embraces whoever wins- and breathes a collective sigh of relief for the end of another election year. I turned everything off this past weekend. It was very quiet, we got a lot done, and it was really nice. Life goes on.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Hhmmm... from a land where Enron could artificially balloon up its profit to satisfy the pockets of shareholders (but not the government's, thanks to the loopholes created by the governments for the crooks), I fail to see why people think that small business businesses will suffer under Obama. Sigh.

Happy voting anyway.

geri said...

Evan has taken to laying down on the floor (esp the kitchen) with his blankie. It must be an age thing.

I wish I had done early voting. This will be my first time to get out of the house before 6am here in the U.S. To think that in Illinois Obama technically doesn't really need my vote :)

geri said...

p.s. good luck on the insurance guy. I will probably stay away from the tv election night. Fat chance!

Ed Abbey said...

Sage - I'm with you on voting on Tuesday. However if I had to wait 10 hours like they are right now in Atlanta, I would vote absentee.

Murf - Funny how some ads are for getting up the vote and others were for getting up other things.

R. Sberman - I feel any candidate other than a strict constitutionalist these days is expensive.

Beau - Unless another 2000 election happens, the majority will speak and since I won't be in the majority, I will have to accept that and move on with life. Unfortunately, most people probably won't.

Mother Hen - Unfortunately, we Americans as a whole have an attention span roughly the size of a gnat. We are forced to believe what the 15 second ad spots tell us because we don't have the attention span to do our own research.

Geri - President is just one of a ballot full of things to vote on. In my district, the House of Representatives election is the one I am most interested in.

Geri - For me, tomorrow is the day I love to watch television as the returns come in. Something about democracy (in the form of a republic) in action thrills me.