Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Eating In Joe's Garage

Another culinary surprise that we found during our time up in Minneapolis was a little bar/restaurant called Joe's Garage. It was located just across the freeway from the Sculpture Garden and could be reached by crossing a very interesting bridge that also doubled as a work of art. I admit that I had a tip about it being in this place from a fellow coworker who had used to live up there or I wouldn't have known about it otherwise. It just seemed to be on the corner of a block next to a park in the middle of nowhere, not where you would typically find a restaurant.

We sat upstairs on the rooftop patio and placed our orders. I opted for the Turkey "Bruschetta" which oddly enough was listed under the Burgers part of the menu. It was listed as a slab of turkey, basil pesto, tomato and parmesan on a garlic toasted ciabatta bun. Definitely not something that is on my food radar but once again, my coworker had vouched that it was the best thing there and if he would eat something like that and still be a man's man, so could I. I'm glad I did because it was outstanding. If given the choice, I might even opt for it over a mushroom, bacon, cheeseburger anyday. Unlike my previously written experience with the Torta Cubana, this one was sized just right and I felt like I could still walk without waddling after we were done.

Our waitress did forget to bring out our appetizers and also Little Abbey's applejuice that came with her meal. I mentioned it when we were mostly done so that they could just take it off our bill. The waitress offered to bring us the appetizer but since we all had enough to eat already we declined though said she could still bring the applejuice as long as it was in a to-go cup. She did and then offered to buy us a desert and we had to politely say no several times before she brought us the bill with 10% deducted off of it. She was really worried about her mistake which was a refreshing surprise compared to most of my recent experiences where the wait staff seemed indifferent to everything. We had plenty to eat and the food was excellent so even though we had a few things forgotten that we probably shouldn't have ordered anyway, I give the place high marks. She got my standard tip for good service and left for the walk back to our vehicle in the cool evening breeze.

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