Monday, March 3, 2008

Miss Independence at 21 Months

Has it really been 21 months already? I've lost count as I ran out of fingers and toes. Every day, Little Abbey has something new or different and yet I hardly can press myself to sit here and list things. So I will just go with the flow. Mom was doing some laundry and needed the stain remover so she enlisted Little Abbey by telling her to go get the spray. Little Abbey responded by getting down on her knees and bending over. It took us a second or two to realize Little Abbey had thought we had told her to pray. Melts your heart doesn't it?

She still has her shyness/stranger anxiety though it is getting better. This weekend we through an impromptu party and it took Little Abbey only about 15 minutes to break out of her shell and soon she was drag racing another boy on scooters through the house. For the first time in months, she took an almost two hour nap.

Little Abbey is also showing signs of wanting to be potty trained. This weekend, she sat on her potty for almost a half hour and refused to get off and put her diaper back on. Several times over the last week, she has been off doing something only to come back naked from the waist down. NO, she doesn't have NUDIST TENDANCIES! She wants to be potty trained and as a father, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Miss Independence refuses to allow anyone to help her especially when it comes to eating. It's her food and she will do it and so we let her, even if it means we have to leaves some rice on the floor to dry out so that we can clean it up. (Sticky rice is very hard to clean off the floor.) Her independence has spread through other aspects of her life, such as…

…when yesterday we went for a walk. About halfway through our normal route, we let her hop out of the off road stroller we have a walk. She walked almost the entire way back and only with protest allowed us to put her back in the stroller for the last 50 yards up a very ice sidewalk to our house. Once in the driveway, she was back out of the stroller.

It has also manifested itself in her choice of shoes. If you don't put the shoes she wants on, it is like trying to shoe an injured crocodile in a muddy pit. Pick out the right shoe according to her, and she sits still just as pretty as you please. I guess I'm to blame since I look at shoes in terms of comfort and favoritism and not fashion. I care not a lick if brown does or doesn't go with black or white doesn't come acceptable until after Memorial Day.

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