Friday, March 7, 2008

John Henry Baker's Parents: Part Two

During the next week after getting Steve's emails, I was able to locate the 1880 Federal Census with who I now thought were my great great great grandparents but John Henry Baker's name was not listed. His confirmed brothers and sisters from the obituary were listed but not him. For some reason he was gone and I haven't been able to locate him. So I still had two of three pieces of information that proved that someone else’s thoughts might be valid but no conclusive proof. That is when I unexpectantly received yet another email from Steve.

In his spare time, he had gone to the Waterloo courthouse and looked up John Henry Baker's marriage license, which not only conclusively proved some things, but also provided an interesting story to boot. On the license, his father was listed as Joseph Baker and his mother Fannie Boller. This is sufficiently close to Francis (Fannie) Bolton to be one and the same. It also lists the brides name (John Henry Baker's second wife) as Katie Jaynes. If you recall, Katie's last name was Stevens on all the Census records. But in the space for maiden name if widowed, Katie Stevens was written. So I knew beyond a doubt, that I had the right people.

But written at the top of the page was something strange. There behind where it generally says that the bride and groom are of legal age and meet the legal requirements for obtaining a marriage license, the annotation written in stated: …except that Katie Jaynes has the right to remarry within one year as per decree of this court. 13th of May 1916. Fortunately Steve took the initiative to search further into what that meant and found an article printed in the Cedar Falls Daily Record. I have attached it below but due to the binding of the article, part of the second column got clipped. Still, what you can read remains an interesting story and I'm sure was very scandalous back then.

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