Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Working Among the Parents of Stars

On my recent business trip, I spent the day with the father of a blast from the past. A big developer on the part of Long Island that I was on was none other than Ralph Macchio Sr. If his name doesn't ring a bell, then his son, Ralph Macchio Jr. should as he is a Hollywood actor who has been in over a dozen films and starred in at least three of them, Karate Kid I, II & III. Yes, I met the father of the Karate Kid. Wax on, wax off!

Out of etiquette, I did not bring up Ralph Sr.'s son in our conversations. I'm glad I didn't because later I would learn that the subject is a sensitive subject for him because he doesn't care for the implications that he got all his money from his son when the truth is his net worth of almost $1 billion was entirely earned by himself. Had I met him on the street, I would have never made the connection because Ralph Jr.'s face has been engraved upon my mind as the young Karate Kid as well as probably 99% of the nation. But after I got back and Googled a more recent picture of Jr., it is very obvious that his father is the man I dealt with for a day.

Ralph Jr. seems to still be around and has been in movies as recently as a couple years ago. As I found out here, he is still getting the 'wax on, wax off'' bit. I can understand why he has gone underground in Hollywood circles. He only came out for this interview to sell the box set of the Karate Kid series, which he did three of and one Hillary Swank did the fourth. I have seen the fourth movie and did not realize that had been Hillary.

In other Hollywood celeb news, something I disdain, I was also in an area frequented by one Paris Hilton while shopping but fortunately didn't see her. But I did step inside a store just to see that a clutch handbag, (as the salesperson so politely told me it was called) costs only about $3500. I made sure I gingerly put it back down before stepping back outside.

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