Friday, October 12, 2007

Chicago Journals: Bad Trees and Jesus

On the final day, we decided to sleep in but being accustomed to waking up early, still ended up at the Cumberland Gap train station at the same time as the previous day. We caught the Blueline train downtown this time riding all the way to Clinton Ave. station and walking the few blocks to Union Station where we would catch the California Zephyr back home later in the day. We stashed our bags in a rental locker and caught a bus towards Michigan Avenue.

I followed along on my map and when we were one block away from the Chicago Museum of Art, we hopped off and walked the rest of the way. Getting around in this town using mass transportation is just so easy. The museum was closed and wouldn't open for another couple hours so decided to head for Millennium Park. However, I misread the map that I had brought along and we set out south. I thought the pink square was the art museum and instead it was a symbol of a painting. But I quickly realized my mistake and we walked back north enjoying the large park.

At Millennium park, we stopped at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, the BP Bridge, Cloud Gate which we referred to as the silver bean, and Crown Fountain. I also saw Jesus and took his picture walking on water along with some trees that evidently had been bad and were now behind bars. We finally arrived back at the steps of the Museum of Art and sat as a crowd gathered for the opening of the doors fifteen minutes later.

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