Thursday, August 9, 2007


Unlike some people who feel that America is dead, there is at least one group of people who feels that America is invincible. I would of course be talking about none other than the Maharishi who recently dedicated the Tower of Invincibility!.

What is the Tower of Invincibility? The tower of invincibility is a 45 foot tower covered with marble tiles and topped with a stepped dome and gold-colored kalash. It was dedicated here at the center of the universe in Fairfield, Iowa on July 29th.

Isn't 45 feet kind of small to portray Invincibility? Yes but they ran out of marble and were forced to stop.

What is a kalash? Kalash is an Indian word meaning sacred pot. I have no idea why they added a gold colored sacred pot to the tower but that is what the paper said and so I ran with it.

Who would design such a thing? Obviously it would be Minister of Architecture of the Global Country of World Peace Dr. Eike Hartmann who had to have French doors installed on his office to fit hit title onto the frosted glass. Of course he designed a building where the "city could gather in sufficient number to practise (sic) Yogic flying" but because it is only big enough for maybe a dozen flying people, there must have been some disconnect.

I understand it is for flying people but why? To commemorate the Invincible America Assembly which feels that if they get sufficient people meditating for world peace that they could "create an influence of such intense coherence in the collective consciousness of the nation that the nation will rise immediately to invincibility."

What would this intense coherence in my collective consciousness feel like? "It will be just like when you are very thirsty, and someone gives you a glass of delicious water. When you drink it, you feel relief immediately." I'm guessing a severe ice cream headache is closer to the truth.

I still don't understand. Can you put it in easier terminology? "The youngsters will be serving as a powerful adjunct to the government by virtue of their deep experiences of the Unified Field during their daily routine in their high school, together lifting up, bubbling in bliss in Yogic Flying. Functioning from that level of the fundamental unifying force of creation, the gravitational force, they will stimulate the Unified Field and enrich the whole national consciousness to the point where it is impregnable, invincible, and impenetrable. In the Vedic Tradition, this is called Rashtriya kavach, a national armour of invincibility. This will created by the children of the nation in the Maharishi Tower of Invincibility."

Um…. okay. Now that this is built, what is going to happen? The Prime Minister of the Premier of this country, no idea who this is, will make his office at the top where they can work in an environment of intense coherence.

How many people are needed to create this environment of intense coherence for the Prime Minister of the Premier of the United States? Maharishi has said that to create a nation of invincibility, you need the square root of one per cent of the nation's population or in the case of the United States with 300 million people, only 1730.

How many people do they have already? The Maharishi have had well over 2000 practitioners here in town for the last forty years.

Why aren't we already invincible? Good question.

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