Friday, May 11, 2007

Riddle Me This!

What has two teeth, drools and chases me up the stairs? The answer is Little Abbey. Last weekend we noticed her tongue always touching the front part of her lower gums. This was a little bit different from the normal drooling that has caused us many times to think she might be teething over the last eleven months. A cursory exam led us to find out that she is in fact teething and has cut one tooth.

The very next night while I was doing something upstairs, I heard the normal slapping of hands and shins as Little Abbey crawled across the floor towards the stairs and then silence. After about fifteen seconds of silence I hear a squeal only it came from my wife and not Little Abbey. I hurried out into the hall only to find Little Abbey was almost to the top of the stairs and was climbing them like she had known how all along.

Flash forward a few more days and on feeling the first tooth's progress, lo and behold there is a second tooth coming in. I think the toll of cutting to teeth finally caught up with her and she ran a low-grade fever for a day and has been not quite her energetic self the last few days. But one thing I have discovered about her is that when she gets over a slight fever or a period of time when she isn't her energetic self, she comes back double of what she was. I fully expect that means she will take up running. I just hope that she doesn't go quite as fast as Geri's son little Evan for a few weeks to give me a chance to adapt.

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