Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Little Abbey Update: Part One

On the eve of Little Abbey's nine-month birthday, I think it is time for another update. It started off as a quick update but grew so fast I'll probably break it into two parts. But before the updates in no particular order, I must first say that she has completely recovered from her bout with the rotavirus and as always, she not only bounces back but leaps ahead developmentally. It seemed like she was sick one day and crawling the next.

Yes you read that last sentence right and Little Abbey is definitely crawling. Right now she only crawls in reverse but she can creep forward by using the belly scoot and using the friction between her hands and the floor to pull herself along. I fully expect her to be crawling forward by the end of this week. It is quite comical to watch her crawl. She seems something in front of her that she can't quite reach and she gets into the crawling position and goes backwards instead. She will keep going backwards until she backs into an immovable object and then she will get upset or get turned around (by seeing something else in a different direction better than the first) so that she can back in another direction.

She isn't limited to crawling backwards for mobility though. Oh no. She has perfected the butt scooch where she uses her body as momentum to scooch her forward on her but an inch or two at a time. Other times she just barrel rows and other times she kind of swims, especially on a hard wood floor, spinning this way and that and going where she pleases. Unfortunately this is usually in a direction that displeases me. I've looked at 'systems' that you can buy that are like a child version of a dog kennel but they are as expensive as heck. I think I will just buy a bunch of baby gates and some bungee cords that I can configure into whatever shape I want and for a fraction of the cost. We do have a small playpen given to us as a gift but I think it is too small and is only good for keeping Little Abbey happy for small amounts of time. I think she takes after her dad in this aspect.

We've given up on the baby food or more appropriately, Little Abbey has given up on it. You can put a big bowl of applesauce, her former favorite, in front of her and she would rather have what I'm eating. Since we never bought baby food and made it ourselves instead, this isn't a big problem but we are back to alternating feeding her while trying to feed ourselves. Occasionally we can stall her for a time by giving her a handful of cheerios that she happily feeds to herself or if we think that far in advance, feed her first and then give her the cheerios. If she could survive on cheerios and a sippee cup of diluted fruit juice, she could just feed herself since she can do both on her own but I'm guessing that diet is lacking on a few things. Which leads me to this observation, Little Abbey never passes up any offer of food.

The daycare lady, Mrs. Z, feeds her a bowl of oatmeal in the morning and then Little Abbey will sometimes eat whatever Mrs. Z is feeding the rest of her charges is suitable for people with no teeth for lunch. Then after she is done with Mrs. Z's lunch, Little Abbey will then eat my lunch that is last night's supper blended up. Then there is another large portion of the supper off my plate in the evening. All told, I'm guessing Little Abbey is consuming between 3 and 4 cups of food a day plus about 24 ounces of milk and 8 ounces of diluted fruit juice. No wonder my arm hurts just carrying her out to the car.

For a while, Little Abbey babbled almost non-stop and then quieted down. Now she is back to babbling non-stop but has a lot more sounds in her vocabulary along with some multi-syllable babble. She also has acquired a growl that almost sounds like she has been possessed. She does it when she is really into playing with an object and had I heard it for the first time in a dark room, I would have literally jumped out of my skin. It is that spooky sounding. Hopefully she grows out of it fast as she did her 'spitting' stage that she picked up at daycare. Funny what they 'get' from daycare.

As we were foretold, as soon as she found mobility, Little Abbey detests her saucer that provided her with such joy and us with some small chunks of 'free time' when she was smaller. She pretty much doesn't play with any of her stuffed toys anymore and prefers the hard plastic ones that make noise. Her baby piano, which is now working properly again, is one of her favorites along with a wooden kitchen spoon that she beats on everything with, including a green rubber duck that squeaks and drives her into a bout of giggles. She also enjoys taking my newspaper and shredding it into really small pieces. I try to only let her do this when I'm watching or a couple pieces will surely make their way to her mouth. Unfortunately, I've found more than one newspaper missing a soggy corner and no matching piece around but a smiling baby. Which brings to this rule:

Baby Rule 1: Babies are apparently not harmed by ingesting small quantities of newspaper.

Corollary to Rule 1: Husbands sometimes are harmed if they don't get all the ink stained wiped off the baby's mouth before the wife gets home.

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