Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Knock On Real Wood... Not Laminate

It was just last week we were talking with a couple whose child was always getting sick and making the comment that Little Abbey had been healthy since her consecutive colds early on in her life. She had been over five months without so much as a stuffed up nose. We did knock on wood but evidently it must have been laminated because Sunday night after the parents were dead asleep post Superbowl, she decided to get sick.

The worst illness that all kids go through at an early age it the rotavirus. It's a guaranteed certainty among children 3 months and 2 years of age unless they have gotten the oral vaccines starting at age 2 months. Doctors at our pediatrician's office didn't start suggesting that all kids get this oral vaccine until Little Abbey was three and a half months old and too old to start them. Way back then, the clock started ticking.

The rotavirus starts with vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, stomach cramps, fever and a general malaise. Late Sunday night/early Monday morning, Little Abbey started showing all the symptoms. Monday, my wife stayed home and I went to work but Little Abbey continued to be symptomatic. She was very lethargic whenever her temperature was spiking and just kind of mewed like a sick kitten. She wasn't herself and it just broke my heart to hear her over the phone whenever I checked in throughout the day.

Late Monday, the fever started going down and except for one episode of diarrhea during the middle of the night, she slept through it. This morning, although not 100%, she was well enough that you could see the real Little Abbey starting to shine through. She was talking and when hard pressed, she would even smile the smile that previously came so easily. I was going to stay home today and take care of her but my wife had to turn back because the winter storm we are currently receiving has made it suicidal to drive a long distance. So because I have only two miles across town to get to work, I had to leave my girls behind again.

Hopefully Little Abbey continues to function today without the fever and hopefully the diarrhea will taper off as it is supposed to do after three days. We are fortunate because 100,000 kids in the United States are hospitalized every year from dehydration due to the rotavirus. Fortunately Little Abbey has been drinking her normal milk and drinking lots of pedialyte during this whole ordeal and is still producing "wet" diapers. We hopefully have made it through the storm. Knock on wood.

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