Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Them Low Down Dirty Dishwasher Dealers

After four days of doing dishes by hand (gasp), I was more than ready for my new dishwasher to arrive on Tuesday. The deliverymen were waiting for me when I arrived home with daughter in tow and evidently had been waiting for better part of an hour. I checked my watch and it was exactly at the earliest time in the range that they said they would deliver it. Since they hadn't bothered to call me at my work number, which they had, I ignored their griping as they carried the new machine into the kitchen.

I wanted to dig into the project of installing it right away but with an infant to look after, I had to bide my time. Finally, Little Abbey drifted off to sleep and I cut the box off of the washing machine and proudly looked at it. I slid it back into place and began connecting it up. For some reason, it crossed my mind that there might be some safety devices that need to be removed before starting it up so I opened up the door to get the instruction book. Sure enough it was there nestled between the times of the top rack slid back into the white plastic interior.

Wait just a second! We had ordered a stainless steel interior. I checked my receipt, the box, and the washing machine tag and all had the exact same number on them, 11742. I immediately figured that the dealer had simply typed in the wrong model number when ordering the machine on Saturday. It happens when you have to transcribe the number off the demo model sign and type it into your computer system to order it. But I was disappointed since I knew that I wasn't going to get a dishwasher installed today.

I repacked the dishwasher and called up the dealer to tell them that they had ordered the wrong machine. He asked me for the number on my receipt and the number on the box both of which I immediately gave him. He did some typing and then said that it was the right number. I told him that it wasn't the right machine because the machine I ordered has stainless steel on the inside and this one had plastic. He asked if I was sure and I told him that I work with stainless steel and plastic on a daily basis and I am pretty sure I can accurately tell the difference between them. He hemmed and hawed a little bit and then said that he would call me back in five minutes.

While waiting, I went online to the dealer's site and typed in the model number that I had been given, 11742. Sure enough the exact dishwasher I had sitting in the kitchen with plastic interior popped up on the screen. A couple clicks later and I saw that the demo model in the store with stainless steel interior had a model number of 11752. A simple wrong click of one key and I received a wrong dishwasher. After twenty minutes of waiting and five minutes before closing time, I was determined not to let this go another day and called them back.

The dealer told me that I had gotten the wrong dishwasher in the correct box and that he would order another 11742 to be delivered in a couple weeks. I told him that the online site said he should have ordered an 11752 and not an 11742. He said that the online site was wrong because the one in the store definitely said 11742. I answered back saying that the online site shows the very same model that I have with the same number that is on the dishwasher and the dishwasher box. How can all three be wrong? He didn't know. We went back and forth for five minutes because I didn't want to wait two weeks only to have the same problem happen again and both of us were getting frustrated when it hit me. Since the large red price tag also contained the model number, I asked it that was the number he was reading off the demo model. He said yes. I asked him if it was possible that he had put the wrong sign in front of the wrong machine. Had it been nighttime, I would have heard crickets chirping outside through the long pause. Just a second he answered.

Evidently someone else then joined into the fray and I could hear the dealer in the background repeating what I just said. The other person did some clicking on the keyboard and after a few moments said that I was right. It was an 11752. The dealer knowing that he had just sold me a more expensive machine for the price of a lesser one asked how much more the cost was? I couldn't hear the answer but from the online site, I knew that it was $50 different. Not as much as I would have guessed but still a 'bank error in my favor.'

As he came on the line, I was bracing myself for an attempt on his part to recoup this loss but he simple said that I had been right but that they didn't have any more in inventory and it might be several weeks before they can get another one. He said that he would box up the demo model that we had looked at and deliver it that very evening. Not really wanting a demo model but not wanting to wait an entire month, I agreed and soon the correct dishwasher was delivered. I laid Little Abbey on a blanket in the middle of the kitchen floor and while she contentedly watched me work, I got busy installing it. Soon, my stainless steel clad interior was getting drummed with two spray bars, an upper spray disk and four turbo spray nozzles in the back. I couldn't be happier.

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