Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Little Abbey Update: Part One

It seems like last week that I did my last Little Abbey update and it probably was but things seem to be happening so quickly now that I just had to write them down lest they slip into obscurity inside my mind. So here goes part one. Part two will be tomorrow.

Although it won't be official until next week, I measure little Abbey a couple days ago and was astounded to see that she was 25 inches long now! I knew she was growing but six inches since birth and four of those in the last two months seems very fast! There is no doubt among our family whom she got her height genes from. We don't have an accurate way of measuring her weight so we will have to wait until next Wednesday when she gets her checkup. All I know is that she is noticeable heavier or I'm growing weaker. My wife has started calling her a 'little sack of rice.' I still prefer 'squirmy.'

Her favorite toys are some plastic links that you clip together to form a chain. I have them attached to the mobile on her crib with the loose end hanging down. She loves to grab onto the chain and occasionally nibble on the links. She isn't teething but right now, anything that she can suck on seems to give her contentment and as long as it isn't her thumb, I'm happy.

Speaking of thumbs, she hasn't figured out how to suck on it yet. She has figured out how to cram four of her fingers into her mouth and noisily suck on them sometimes to the point that she gags herself. As soon as she has the gagging in check, back in the fingers go, so she obviously isn't too traumatized. We still give her a pacifier at times especially after feeding when the urge to suck something is the strongest. She is going longer periods of time with the pacifier hanging at the end of its string clipped to her outfit.

Little Abbey's ability to focus on something is much much greater these days. We used to never be able to eat meals together but a few weeks ago I set up the highchair and now she contentedly sits in it and watches us eat. No more having to eat with one hand while rocking her in a bouncer or trying to keep a pacifier in place. Whenever I bring her home from the daycare in the afternoons, she just sits in her car seat and watches me as I unpack all her gear. In fact, as long as I am within sight, she is content to just sit there and follow me with her eyes. However, when the time comes for me to extract her from the seat, she starts squirming just as soon as I begin to unbuckle her until I finally get her out where she can arch her back and stretch.

Although Mrs. Z gives her tummy time during the day, I always give her plenty of time on her tummy when we get home. Just a few weeks ago, she was able to hold her head up at a 90-degree angle for perhaps a minute or two before getting tired. Now our tummy time sessions with her head up last fifteen minutes and then maybe another fifteen minutes with her head at a 45-degree angle. I have found that for the longest times, I need to make sure she is facing the television and something is on with constantly changing screens. When I get home, Millionaire is on but the screen doesn't change often enough and she is bored. Jeopardy is on next, which is a little better since they do a lot of cutting to the board and back to the contestants. But the evening news seems to be the best.

When Little Abbey is on her stomach on a non-slippery surface, she has started to get her legs underneath her stomach. Once there she hasn't figured out what to do other than kick which sends her back to the floor. When she is lying on her back, she definitely has figured out how to lift her butt in the air using her legs and then kicks which sends her scooting backwards an inch or two. One more challenge when it comes to changing diapers. I have learned to counteract this by making sure her head is against the top part of the changing table. I have a feeling that she will figure out how to turn over by the end of this month, something I am not looking forward too. I still like being able to lay her down on the bed or couch and walk away for a half hour while she naps. When she turns over, this will have to end.

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