Wednesday, September 6, 2006

...And That Afternoon I Got Her Back

Okay, so I cheated a little. I pretended to go down to the floor to look at something and snuck out the door a few minutes early. Since everyone was gone, I wasn't going to get busted and even if I had, I would have taken just about anything just to see my Little Abbey again and hold her in my arms. I flew through town, obeying most traffic laws except for maybe the speed limits here and there and hurriedly made my way to Mrs. Z's house.

As soon as I opened my car door, I recognized Little Abbey's cries coming through the window and my heart sank into my toes. Not because I was worried about Little Abbey but because I was afraid that Little Abbey had been crying all day and Mrs. Z wouldn't want to keep her anymore. But as soon as I got inside, Mrs. Z sensing what I must have been thinking, assured me that Little Abbey had just woken up and was a little grumpy from being sleepy. She went on to say that Little Abbey had been in fact wonderful and hadn't cried all day except when she was hungry. She was a little worried that Little Abbey had only taken two bottle of milk all day when she normally would have taken three and I was even more worried since Little Abbey had only eaten part of her morning bottle. But everything seemed to be good.

I gathered a crying Little Abbey into my arms and she immediately quieted down. When your baby knows that, you really are assured that you are a father and that she realizes it. I got her fastened into her car carrier, gathered up her things and we drove on home where I assessed the situation. Little Abbey was tired, there was no doubt about it. She almost immediately fell asleep on my arms when we got home and stayed that way until my wife got home.

It was Little Abbey's three month birthday on Friday. Normally I wouldn't celebrate such trivial things especially with someone who isn't going to remember it but it is tradition in the Philippines to celebrate every month until they are one year old. Even that wouldn't have worried me but my mother-in-law and uncle-in-law both wanted photographic proof of the birthday celebration. So while my wife cooed over her daughter, I put the final touches on a sugar cookie 'birthday cake' and got three candles lit. Little Abbey was awake enough to celebrate her birthday by staring at the candles for a few minutes and then it was over. We fed her a bottle and put her to sleep.

Little Abbey would sleep for almost twelve hours straight during the night and then slept most of the next day. By Saturday evening, she was back to her normal feeding schedule and was well rested and happy again. Things were looking up. Yesterday finally came and this time things went smoothly. Little Abbey slept through the night, took her morning bottle just fine, and saw my wife out the door. I played with Little Abbey for a few minutes until she was sleepy once again and when it was time, snuggled her into the car carrier and into my car.

When I dropped her off at Mrs. Z's house, Little Abbey was snoring away and looked as if she had no intention of waking soon. Mrs. Z and I got caught up on the happenings of Little Abbey on Friday and through the week and both of us were convinced that things were going to be just fine. This time as I kissed Little Abbey's forehead before making my way out the door, I knew things were going to be just fine.

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