Monday, June 5, 2006

Quick Update

I posted three new blogs leading up to and including the birth below. I'm sure more will follow when I get a spare second inbetween visiting daughter, mother and sleeping.

Little Abbey is now off the oxygen and has been since Saturday night. Her pnuemonia is almost completely gone now and she is alert and NURSING! I emphasis that last part because the doctor had intially told us that the chances were slim. Because of the hormones, etc., my wife still isn't able to produce enough milk yet for her so they are feeding her by IV still and also giving her small amounts of milk through a tube into her stomach via nose right after nursing to simulate ... well nursing. I'm expecting that in a day or two, Little Abbey will be able to sleep in our room for at least part her day.

She is also a little jaundiced so she is bathing under what I have called grow lights but this last thing is quite common and should be beaten back in a couple days as well.

My wife was discharged last night and at the suggestion of an army of doctors and nurses, we drove home and slept in a read bed for the first time. It was never so good to be home. Grandma and my wife have left for the hospital again while I tie up loose ends at work and home and then I will be joining them again. At the earliest, Little Abbey will be discharged next weekend if things are going well.

Thanks for all your comments, thoughts and prayers. It truly has helped to keep me strong these last few days.


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