Friday, June 9, 2006

Pure Exhaustion

I was sent home by mama to grab a nap but didn't do a very good job of it. So after two hours of trying and only partly succeeding, I find myself here delaying the job of lawn mowing. Little Abbey spent the entire day and night in our room, only leaving briefly for a few scattered vitals gathering sessions in the nursery. The day was a blissful combination of napping, feeding and talking among all three of us. The nurses only interrupted once every several hours and then only briefly.

But as soon as night came, the nursing guard changed and we got Wet Behind the Ears Nurse. All during the day, the nurses would reprogram the IV for every three to four hours at which time they would check the IV sight for redness before reprogramming it once more. Each time that the IV ran out of time, it would beep and beep and beep until one of us paged a nurse to our room to deal with it. Not bad until Wed Behind the Ears Nurse told me she couldn't because they had to look at it every hour. This went on for awhile with the machine waking everyone up, every hour, and me trying to plead my case. Finally with no sleep for me, my wife or Little Abbey, I flipped. Dale Carnegie persuasion techniques went out the door and fatherhood stepped in. She gave me her standard response and I stepped things up a notch by asking her who I needed to talk to in order to get this changed back to the way it was during the day.

Sweat instantly started forming on her fat brows and she nervously licked her lips when she saw that I was deadly serious. Finally she stammered that she would reprogram it to coincide with feedings (which are about every three hours) and just remember to check it every hour so not to disturb us. She hurridly fled the room under my withering glare and for the next three hours, she not once enter the room and another nurse checked in on us the rest of the night.

I think Little Abbey was a little perturbed with all the beepings going on by her bed once an hour plus she was used to the commotion and bright lights of the intensive care nursery because she was a little growly until about 1:00 before she got back into her rhythm of nursing and sleeping. This allowd Mrs. Abbey and myself time to get back in our rhythm of providing Little Abbey support and sleeping. But morning still came way to early and ass was dragging. With wife and baby fine and doing their thing, I drove home and tried to nap. Maybe this evening will be better.

Little Abbey is doing find and the electrocardiogram came back showing that the small shunt all newborns have between heart chambers had indeed not quite closed but that there was nothing to be worried about. It should close on it's own soon now that blood pressures are back down to normal baby levels. The doctor said he would officially discharge us on Sunday afternoon so we have a couple more days to go. I can't wait to be home and away from Wet Behind the Ears Nurse who obviously doesn't understand that patients do need to sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time

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