Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Little Abbey Update

First of all, thank you everyone for your comments. I see I had a few new people stop by and I promise you that things will get back to normal in a week or so where I'm back to my daily blogging. I will also visit your blogs to learn more about you.

The baby is doing great, better than even the doctor expected. She has developed a little bit of a heart murmur and they are doing an EKG today to make sure that is just the shunt all babies have between their chambers and is hasn't quite closed. Preemies have higher blood pressures for awhile and until is drops, the shunt between heart chambers can't close. Little Abbey's blood pressure is down and everyone believes it is just the shunt closing causing the murmur or equalization of chamber pressures. The EKG is non-invasive and seems like the easiest thing to do for peace of mind. Results should be in tomorrow.

Also, Little Abbey is off all her monitors, tubes, and coils of electrodes except for one IV line to finish giving her the antibiotics which staved off her pnuemonia. Because of that, she has graduated from Intensive Care to Intermediate Care and gets to wear clothes and sleep in a bassinet. She even gets parolled from the nursery between feedings to visit Mom and Dad's room. She still has to go back for feedings to get her vitals checked but even that will be unnessessary tomorrow and she can room with us full time until she gets pardoned and can go home.

Mrs. Abbey is healing up a little more everyday and likes her freedom to sneak out from the hospital now and then and wear semi normal clothes. Due to the massive IV doses, she is a little swollen and with just giving birth, looks about four months pregnant still but as she breast feeds, the stomach is shrinking fast. She is one big trooper and I no that I will be owing her a lot for undergoing this. But like most moms, she swears that it was worth every pain. I agree.

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