Thursday, June 29, 2006

Little Abbey Minis

Changing Diapers

Because I want to give my wife a break in looking after Little Abbey, I often change diapers when guests are around or after work in the evenings. Little Abbey and myself have gotten used to how the entire process goes. As soon as I unbutton or raise whatever garment she may be wearing to open up access to the diapered area, Little Abbey immediately crosses her legs into almost a lotus position effectively blocking access to her diaper. I have to grab her ankles in one hand and straighten out the legs just to undo the diaper tabs and check to see if it needs changing. I can probably count on one hand the times in the last month when I haven't had to change them. Once I see that they need changing, I get another diaper prepped by opening it up and draping it nearby. I get a wet wipe out of the container and also have it draped nearby. I also clear out any objects that I don't want to get dirty from the loaded end of a baby. Then with one hand still holding the ankles, I pull the diaper off part way making sure to leave part of it underneath her for sudden bursts of bowel movements and start in with the wet wipe getting things cleaned up. I then roll the dirty wet wipe in the dirty diaper and very quickly swap the new one underneath her. Once, I fumbled the clean diaper and paid the price by having to change her clothing, bedding and trying to get her back to sleep after she peed all over everything. Diaper now in place, I release her legs, which alternately assume the lotus position or the straight-legged position depending on which position is needed to interfere with me attaching the diaper. I think I have a nudist on my hands.

Airing Things Out

Mrs. Abbey decided a few days ago that the nether regions of Little Abbey needed some fresh air. Little Abbey contentedly pooped all over Mrs. Abbey who then handed her off to mother-in-law. About the time Mrs. Abbey returned from a shower with fresh clothes on, Little Abbey contentedly peed all over of mother-in-law. Mrs. Abbey promptly covered things back up while mother-in-law showered and put on fresh clothes. Little Abbey's bum looks nice and pink again but what a price to pay.

Help Me I'm Drowning

In all my previous experience (videos and such), nursing a baby is a quiet event. The baby latches on and quietly nurses until full. So I wonder if Little Abbey is a mutant. When she nurses, she sounds like she is about to drown in milk and only saves herself with loud gulping followed by a few second to pause to breath heavily before resuming loud gulping. I can hear Little Abbey gulping her milk from clear across the house and on another floor. It is that loud! Even when I occasionally administer her food via a bottle to give mother a break, she gulps like she is drowning. However, now that I think of it, the one time Little Abbey nursed in public (at the airport waiting to see Grandma for the first time), she did so quietly. Does that mean she only has manners when out in public?

A Weighty Issue

The last visit to the pediatrician's office, we barely met their expectations in weight gains for Little Abbey. So after two weeks of a break of sorts, we had to go back to get her umbilical area treated with chemicals to remove the dried stump still clinging on. Evidently the mega dose of antibiotics given at birth for her pneumonia also kills the creepy crawlers that speed up umbilical decay. But while there, the nurse did a weight check and Little Abbey topped the scales two ounces shy of eight pounds. It averaged out to about 37 grams of weight gain a day that impressed even the most skeptical of nurses. They declared her extremely healthy and sent Little Abbey on her way. Maybe mother is drowning Little Abbey in milk.

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