Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Guitar Rock God!

Speaking of "Smoke On the Water," I had a dream, perhaps one of my favorite dreams of all time, about that very song a year or so ago. In the dream, I was sitting in a car with three of my friends and I was playing that song on a guitar. At that point, the song was sounding pretty good but nowhere up to the par set by the original version and then it happened. Snap. I broke a string. I kept on playing and then another string broke and another. Soon, I was down to just a couple strings and the rest were flying around through the air like Medusa's hair. Through all this, I kept on playing like one must do when entertaining others and a funny thing began to happen... the song started really smoking! I mean every note was crisp, clean and sounding better than even the original recording.

Sweat started popping from my forehead with the immense concentration that I was putting forth into working my guitar and hitting those fretted notes; three, six, eight... three, six, nine-eight... three, six, eight... six, three! Guitar strings still swinging wildly around, my friends started moving wildly to the music as the car windows were really steaming up from the heat. I started feeling this raw energy pulse through my body and I knew at that moment in time, I was a guitar playing God! I could play anything, anywhere, at anytime and it would be the best that anyone had ever known. I was on top of the world... and then my stupid alarm clock went off!

As I got ready for work, that feeling stayed around for awhile before it too slowly slipped away to the place where most dreams go, leaving behind just the shell that I still remember and have written down into words for my blog today. Every once in awhile I look at my guitar gathering dust in the downstairs closet, on which I know only two chords and even those sound thick and twangy under my fingers, and remember fondly that once... I was a guitar rock God, if only in my dreams.

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